canstockphoto25544153Apply for free days of CRM support for your small charity.

Economic Change CIC is a social enterprise on a mission

We provide support to charities and other social enterprises to help them become more
effective for their causes.

We believe passionately in our social model, and we have created a career development programme for young people on apprenticeships and  female returners to work, looking to train as Salesforce Administrators.buzzword_icons_salesforce_superhero_mum_round_v2SF-Admin-Certified

As part of this programme the trainees undertake work experience to develop their practical experience with mentoring from our senior staff.

We are looking for small charity projects that our trainees can work on when they have reached a certain standard of proficiency. The trainees will be directly managed by our senior management team who will lead on the implementation with the client so high standards are maintained.

There are two ways to get involved:

Quick Start – This opportunity offers 3 days of free support to charities on a 6 day project. 3 paid days will be delivered by our in-house team delivering business analysis and training support, and 3 free days will be delivered by our trainee administrators who will tweak the system. 

Deep Dive – This opportunity offers 6 days of free support to charities on a 12 day project. 6 paid days will be delivered by our in-house team delivering business analysis, project management and training support, and 6 free days will be delivered by our trainee administrators who will build the system. 

To find out more about these packages by requesting our information pack below.

Salesforce CRM software costs are free for charities with less than 10 users, you can apply for 10 free user licenses via the Power of Us Programme.

What type of projects are we looking for?

The implementation needs to be achievable for our trainees, so we are focused on projects that will utilise Salesforce Administration skills, rather than developer or third party app skills.

Quick Start – The project would be focused on training and tweaking of your Salesforce instance to manage your stakeholder contacts and interaction using standard and custom Salesforce objects, with basic customisation work and possibly data import depending on the complexity of your existing data.

Deep Dive – The project would be focused on implementing Salesforce to manage specific business services e.g. HR, Service Delivery, Volunteer Management, Impact Measurement, Sales or Fundraising.

To find out more about these packages by requesting our information pack below.

Find out what Salesforce can do for you by clicking here.

The scope of the work would need be defined within the scoping meeting with our consultant, and requirements agreed that fit within the budget.

Heather Portrait Colour Cropped BWIf you are interested in a free consultation and demo of Salesforce CRM to understand how it could meet your requirements – please contact Heather Black @

Which charities are eligible?  

We are looking to offer this opportunity to:

  • A registered charity with a turnover of under £1m and 10 or less staff
  • London or East Sussex/Brighton based charities located near our offices, but if outside these catchment areas travel can be charged at an additional cost.
  • Charities who are new users to Salesforce CRM and are yet to use the system.
  • Charities who are committed to the implementation and are willing to commit to the cost of the project with 50% paid upfront and 50% on completion. The cost is £2250(plus VAT) for a 6 day project &  £4,500 (plus VAT) for a 12 day project.(Charities can top up their budget if required to include more work)
  • Charities who can progress and complete their implementation over a three to five month period. Timescales will depend on the availability of our trainees. Applications will be reviewed on a first come first served rolling basis with acceptance based on suitability and capacity.

Why is there a cost?

From experience we find free support isn’t always valued, and the success of an IT project depends on the quality of design and adoption by the charity . We want our projects to be successful, so our experienced in-house team of consultants will lead and deliver paid work on the design and implementation of the CRM with the client, but manage our trainees to customise the database. We are therefore offering 50% of the days on the project for free. The charity would pay for 50% of the work at the price detailed above.

50% of the project fee will be payable in advance of the project and 50% on completion of the project.

Rolling Application Process : Click here to submit an application  

Eligible charities will be selected on a first come first served basis. The number of charities we can select for this programme will depend on the number of trainees we have available. We will hold a telephone call with all applicants to assess suitability.

Register for further information and an application form here.

This initiative is part of our commitment to Pledge 1% –  a corporate philanthropy movement dedicated to making the community a key stakeholder in every business. Pledge 1% encourages and challenges individuals and companies to pledge 1% of equityproduct, and employee time for their communities.

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