Salesforce Supermum Programme

buzzword_icons_salesforce_superhero_mum_round_v2Empowering Mums to be Superheroes at home and work!

Economic Change CIC is a social enterprise on a mission

We provide support to charities and other social enterprises to help them become more effective for their causes. We believe passionately in our social model, and have established a new professional development programme to help Mums to return to work. We’ve already placed two mums from our first Programme, and are working closely with other organisations to identify work opportunities for our mums.


SF-Admin-CertifiedWe offer women with children the chance to retrain as a Salesforce Administrator and access relevant employment opportunities in a flexible way that fits around their families.

Our MD, and Mum of two, Heather Black feels passionately about helping women back to work. Read more in her blog article here. 

The Salesforce CRM eco-system offers a wide- range of employment opportunities as administrators, developers, project managers,  business analysts, and trainers. It is a leading global CRM solution with over 150,000 customers, including 26,000 charities worldwide. There is currently a shortage of skilled staff in the UK, due to the continued growth in sales year on year.

Find out more – Watch a REPLAY of our Webinar to find out more about Salesforce, the training course, and job opportunities. 

We are really excited that and is backing our programme and helping to develop the curriculum and promote it to their partners and clients to help secure progression routes for alumni. ! Heather launched the Superhero Programme at the Salesforce Dreamforce to You: Manchester 2016 event. You can read more about it on our Blog here.

A Salesforce administrator role is a great place to start your career as it gives you the foundation knowledge in the system. You can learn how to build databases with clicks, so you don’t need any coding expertise. All you need is a good understanding of business or charities, the ability to get to grips with IT, and a desire to get lost in the world of database build and tools. Find out more below about the role of a Salesforce Administrator.

workthatworksWe are supporters of the #workthatworks movement campaigning to change attitudes towards flexible working. We believe women can be superhero’s at home and at work – they are great at sorting people out.

The Salesforce Superhero Programme was borne out of a shared understanding of the challenges that working Mums face, matched with a social need for a flexible, reliable and dedicated workforce and the needs of our charity and not for profit customers. We are all about fostering economic change for our team and our clients.

Objectives of the Salesforce Superhero Programme

Our Professional Development Programme spans 6 months to train mums up as a proficient, experienced, confident and certified Salesforce Administrators. It consists of:

  • Online and Virtual Training – We have developed a curriculum based around a combination of weekly webinars and online learning to cover the basics of business analysis, project management, change management and the topics in the Salesforce 201 Administrator Course. Training is delivered by our in-house team, staff and using online learning resources – Trailhead and Salesforce University. We have set up an established an online learning community for learners to access material, upload homework, and liaise with trainers and mentors.
  • Knowledge Sharing – We provide insight into the practical application of the learning, different system scenarios and online discussions about capabilities of Salesforce and Third Party apps via our hosted webinars and our dedicated online learning community to get an understanding about what’s possible.
  • Practical Work Experience – We will engage trainees in practical unpaid work experience on CRM implementation projects. These projects will be for charities that are unable to afford the full consultancy fees. Trainees must successfully complete the pre-learning modules to participate. All work experience will be delivered virtually by trainees.
  • Mentoring – Trainees will receive mentoring support from our in-house experienced Salesforce Consultants who will take on the role of reviewing the homework, discussing the learning and career opportunities and provide constructive support during the work experience.
  • Progression Support – We will continue to give mums access to our online community to enable them to access resources and connect and support their peers. They can also participate in future webinars to refresh or further their knowledge and expertise, and register interest in job opportunities that have been identified by our team.

Outcomes of the Programme

    • Accelerated in-depth learning over six months to prepare you ready for project work.
    • Achieve Salesforce Trailhead Badges for your Linked In profile
    • Ability to apply business analysis, change management and project management techniques to any Salesforce project.
    • Skills, confidence and knowledge about Salesforce Administrator functionality to prepare you for the Administrator Certification Exam
    • Relevant Experience to put on your CV
    • A breadth of experience and knowledge about different ways to use Salesforce and third party to improve business processes to be informed and ready to work on projects.

Meet our Programme Trainer, Cleo

Cleo is our professional course trainer.

Having worked as a Senior Instructor for and worked as a Salesforce Admin for 8 years, she is a seasoned professional with lots of experience, hints and tips to share. She works with us as a freelance administrator, and works virtually from Barcelona to deliver our course. She’s also a mum of two. Our very own Salesforce Supermum.


Cost of the Programme: £1,500 plus VAT

Training Course Timescale – 6 months.

  • Tuesday 31st January 2017 to July 2017
  • Monday 8th May 2017 to October 2017
  • Tuesday 12th Sept 2017 to February 2018
  • Monday 6th Nov 2017 to May 2018

(Excludes cost of Salesforce Admin  Cert at $200 and retakes are also $100)

Time Commitment

16hrs a week from with 4 weeks off over seasonal breaks. Group Webinars will take place on either Monday or Tuesday mornings 10am – 12pm depending on the cohort.

Progression Opportunities

Following successful completion of the programme and your Certification, you can assess the options available.

You may wish to work as a freelance consultant specialising in a niche marketplace that you know well OR you can pursue contract and permanent Salesforce related job-roles available in the market-place or even within Economic Change as opportunities arise.  Check out the range of roles below.

As part of the course package, we don’t offer a specific job search and placement function, but our in-house Client Services – Resourcing Manager – Debra is actively talking to companies and charities to identify their Salesforce resourcing needs and will present any suitable opportunities to our current trainees and qualified candidates.


Debra Carlyle Client Services – Resourcing Manager

Debra is a seasoned professional with over 10 years Recruitment experience focusing on the IT Sector specifically in Senior Appointments and ERP/CRM market. Debra is a loving mum with 3 beautiful kids and her goal is to become a certified Salesforce Professional and help more organisations find great contract or permanent resources and help mums back into work. She will offer candidates, career coaching, interview preparation, increase in confidence and help them with CV writing, mentoring and support.

Register here to receive an application form.

Submit your application form ASAP to join our Courses. They’re are a maximum of 10 places per course. First come first served. One to one virtual meetings will be held once an application form is submitted. 

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What is a Salesforce Administrator? 

On a practical level, Salesforce Administrators help organisations to build a CRM (Customer Relationship Management Database) across any business department whether it’s HR, Sales, Marketing, Service Delivery or Finance. If you have a head for business or charity processes, enjoy tinkering with IT systems and tidying up people’s data, processes and reports to help them perform better, then this role could be perfect for you! You can do Salesforce Administration work day or night, depending on requirements.

Read real admin user stories, access resources and get support via the Salesforce Admin website or check out the following video.


The Salesforce Administrator 201 Curriculum

Learn how to configure Salesforce in the following ways:

  • Global User Interface
  • Security and Access for users
  • Standard and Custom Objects and Fields
  • Workflow Automation
  • Analytics, Reports and Dashboards
  • Sales and Marketing Applications
  • Service and Support Applications
  • Activity Management
  • Chatter
  • Data Management – Import and Export
  • Content and Folder Management
  • Desktop and Mobile Administration
  • AppExchange

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