Change Management Masterclass


Our workshop offers a step-by-step introduction to managing change within your organisation.

Suitable for a non-profit organisations who are looking to introduce and embed new working practices, new types of services e.g social enterprise activities, new IT systems or a new way of working overall, and need to create a strategy to help engage, influence, and manage this change with team members.

The workshop will offer a structured approach to help you:

  1. analyse your requirements and readiness for change
  2. plan and prepare your approach
  3. create a strategy for leading and facilitating change, and finally;
  4. prepare for and embed change.

Within each stage we will describe different approaches that you can adopt to managing change, so you can review and select those that best meet the needs of your organisational culture and proposed project. The workshop attendees are also provided with our e-guide to Change Management.

A4 Landscape Book Mockup eguide

The content has been guided by the learning on the APMG-International Change Management curriculum and associated resources and written by Heather Black who is a Change Management Practitioner, certified by APMG-International. She has supported many senior management teams across local, national and international organisations to embrace change in regards to business strategy, measuring impact and CRM system implementation.


Price £100 plus VAT  

Can Mezzanine, Old Street, London

Next Workshop proposed for September 2017 – Email us to express interest.



Partner Workshops“The course made me realise that we needed to do more consultation with staff, and to take more interest in who my staff are with regards to their learning styles.” 

“I’ve come away knowing how to plan change more effectively, and getting clearer on how we collect data and what roles staff need to take.” 

“I now know how to create a better business case for change.” 

“Excellent workshop. It clarified my approach around strategic change and highlighted some missing and neglected aspects.”