Impact Ambassador Training

The Impact Ambassador Online Training Programme

Our online training programme is for individuals who are supporting organisations to develop an impact framework, assess and embed monitoring tools and systems to help monitor performance real-time and evaluate the socio-economic impact of their work. The programme consists of three courses available online via our Litmos LMS System. The courses consists of written content and videos, all accessible on-demand virtually via the web or mobile. Each course can be purchased seperately for £100 plus VAT.

Learners will have access to the course material in the LMS system for a 1 year period.

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We also deliver this content via our public workshops in London. Click here to find out more.

The content covers three core subjects:

Measuring Social Impact 

management-measuringOur training content covers our 10 step approach to developing an Impact Measurement Framework to assess what data you should collect and why, how you are going to collect it and what you are going to do with it. The content has been written by Heather Black guided by a 16 year career in impact evaluation, informed by UK and EU Best Practice and a professional education.

The goal: By the end of the training module you will know how to produce visuals and a document that explains the how, what, why and when of your impact measurement process to your team and stakeholders.

Learning objectives:

  • Define your aims and objectives
  • Define your outputs and outcomes
  • Stakeholder mapping and engagement
  • How to produce a Theory of Change Model or Logic Model
  • Approach to monitoring and evaluation
  • Applying and communicating impact.

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Planning Monitoring Systems and Tools management-developing

Our training material covers how to develop monitoring processes and systems to meet your needs. We will talk through how to analyse and map out your organisation requirements and how to evaluate the best tools and systems that meet your needs. The content has been guided by the learning on the BCS Business Analysis curriculum and associated resources and written by Heather Black who is a certified Business Analyst.

The goal:  By the end of the training module, you will know how to consult, plan and research to help you decide which system and tools to choose one to meet your needs long-term.

Learning objectives:

  • CRM systems and integrated data collection tools, their benefits and capabilities
  • How to undertake business analysis to analyse activities, processes and reporting requirements
  • How to plan your requirements and evaluate system different options
  • How to design and use systems to help manage and monitor performance

Change Management A4 Landscape Book Mockup eguide

Our training material covers our 8 step approach to managing change within your organisation by looking at how to engage stakeholders throughout the process and establishing an effective change management team. The content has been guided by the learning on the APMG-International Change Management curriculum and associated resources and written by Heather Black who is a Change Management Practitioner.

The goal: By the end of the learning module you will know how to engage, generate buy-on and support your stakeholders to adopt and embed the changes you aspire to achieve.

Learning objectives:

  • Analyse your rationale and readiness for change
  • Plan and prepare your approach
  • Create a strategy for leading and facilitating change, and finally;
  • Prepare for and embed change.

PLUS GET CONNECTED – All participants signed up to the whole programme get to join our Peer to Peer Community to discuss challenges, experiences and ideas with peers during and beyond the programme.

PLUS – CHECK OUT OUR ADDITIONAL SUPPORT PACKAGES – You can supplement our online training with additional support with one to one mentoring, in-house facilitation, and external validation to verify your learning and evaluation process. Click here to find out more

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