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Salesforce Champion Webinar – Website Integration with Salesforce 

Website Integration with Salesforce

Salesforce Champions Webinar

7th March 11am



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Our next Salesforce Champion webinar for non-profits looks at Website Integration with Salesforce, and the various ways that our clients have integrated their websites with Salesforce CRM to manage data flows and customer interactions and information.

There can often be a different approach presented by website developers and Salesforce consultants, as both they specialise in deployment of their own tools, services and technology, so how do you appraise your options and make the right decision about the approach to take?

We will explain some of the aspects to consider when planning and provide a summary of the terminology commonly used by website developers or Salesforce Consultants when explaining your options, including:

  • Webhooks
  • API integration
  • Website CMS Plugs In
  • App Exchange Products
  • Salesforce Communities
  • Online Form Integration Tools
  • Marketing Automation Tools such as Pardot

The webinar is hosted by Heather Black, Managing Director of Economic Change, Senior Salesforce Developer Keith Rogers and Tahlia King, Head of Marketing Solutions.

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What Inspires the Economic Change Team?

A blog from Salesforce on 6 Ways to feel inspired at work last week prompted an interesting discussion about what motivates and inspires us at work. Turns out (rather unsurprisingly) we’re driven by our fantastic clients, as well as our passion for the sector.

We collated our own ‘Ways to Feel Inspired at work’. Here’s what the team had to say…

“My inspiration is finding new digital solutions to the problems non-profits and their teams face each day to make them happier and more efficient. I also love empowering mums to achieve their career ambitions through our Salesforce Supermums programme.” Heather


“Working with like minded individuals committed to applying their professional skills towards good causes.” Russell


“Being part of an ever-evolving world where marketing is driving the entire customer experience,  and helping our charities understand and embrace these opportunities. That’s what gets me out of bed in the morning – working with such resourceful, talented and dedicated people.” Tahlia

“Inspired by ….working in a sector where there is an opportunity to personally develop and upskill every day. To have my mind opened daily to the breadth and variety of non-profit organisations. Also being part of a modern thinking team that is championing and providing a route for flexible working.” Faye


“Passionate about helping Mums retrain into Technology and opening up flexible roles for them. Also inspired to get Salesforce CRM into more Non Profits and Charities.” Debra

“Finding new Salesforce features for nonprofits, in particular explaining the flexibility it offers them.” Keith


“Learning new features, solving cases and helping people.” Jasmine



“What inspires me is continually discovering digital solutions to improve efficiencies for the customers I work with. There is a real sense of satisfaction when you look at where an organisation has come from, to where you have helped them arrive. Also inspired when I see our new Admins gaining the confidence to work on projects via the Supermums Programme.” Clio

You can share what inspires you at work on Twitter using  #BlazingTrails – remember to tag @economicchange and @salesforce to share your thoughts with us!


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Introducing our Marketing Solutions Team

Marketing Solutions - Pardot & Social StudioIntroducing our Marketing Solutions Department

We’re excited to establish our official Marketing Solutions Department,  who will be working to empower nonprofits to maximise their marketing return on investment, by harnessing the power of marketing automation and social listening tools, using leading digital solutions including Salesforce products – Pardot and Social Studio.

The members of the Marketing Solutions team have worked for Economic Change over the last two year’s, helping both us and our clients to implement new marketing strategies and tools that maximise the use of digital technology.

This year, we decided to formally establish the team as a Marketing Solutions Department under Tahlia’s leadership to really help charities rethink their approach to marketing and maximise their return on investment.

Not sure what that means for you? You’re not alone. The team will be providing help, guidance and free resources to help you embrace and make sense of marketing automation. and what it means for your organisation.

Marketing automation presents a real opportunity for efficiency and growth without a large marketing team. We will empower our clients to embrace these opportunities, understand the benefits, and navigate the challenges to help you make informed decisions and build flexible, engaging customer marketing journeys for your stakeholders. We’ll become your resource and guide for all things Pardot and Social Studio. And, of course we are nonprofit sector specialists too, so we bring sector experience and understanding to the table, coupled with the personalised level of support our clients expect from Economic Change.

Meet the Team

Tahlia King

Tahlia King, Head of Marketing Solutions

With over 12 years’ experience in the charity sector, Tahlia leads the team with a wealth of sector experience, as well as a BA (Hons) in Marketing Management, CIM certifications and training in Pardot. Tahlia has previously held senior management positions at Social Investment Business and Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) and has been working as a Marketing Consultant for the last 5 years for a range of non-profits. She boasts practical as well as academic rigour having worked as a CIM Assignment Tutor for the Oxford College of Marketing.  Since joining Economic Change in 2016, Tahlia has implemented our internal marketing strategy to realise a more cost-effective approach to lead generation (including adoption of Pardot), as well as advising our clients on all aspects of marketing & communications.


FayFaye Curtis-Kaye Curtis-Kay, Social Studio Consultant

Faye specialises in B2B Social Media Strategy and Management, following a successful 14 years in Product Marketing and Senior Sales Account Manager roles at Sony UK. Faye’s introduction to the nonprofit sector began by running a Social Media campaign for Big Issue Invest, whilst retraining with Digital Mums in 2015. She has since built her experience working with a variety of private sector clients and further charities including The Big Issue Foundation and has managed the social media at Economic Change since November 2015. Faye has a BSc (Hons) in Business Studies from Cass Business School, City University London and is trained in Social Studio.


Jasmine Toogood

Jasmine Toogood, Marketing Solutions Consultant 

Jasmine has been a Campaign Manager since 2005, working for large corporates, including 8 years at innovative communications company, EE. She joined our six month Salesforce Supermums training programme in 2017, and is now a certified Salesforce Administrator, supporting our charity client projects to maximise the use of Salesforce and integrated e-marketing solutions. She provides Salesforce and Pardot Administration insight and support as part of the Marketing Solutions team.



What Clients have to say….

” We received marketing advice that helped us to define, streamline and expand what we do.”  The Church Army

” The team are passionate about what they do, they provided information in a simplified way to help us develop a marketing strategy.” Marylebone Project

“The guidance provided us with a clear road map to improve growth, content management and stakeholder engagement.” Philosophy Foundation

Want to know more?

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5 themes you should know about for 2018

Each year we focus on key themes for management and technology in the sector, through our blogs, webinars and resources. We listen to your challenges, and share our learnings to empower all our clients to embrace new technologies, help teams work smarter, maximise stakeholder engagement and improve customer satisfaction.

Here are our top 5 themes you should know about for 2018…

  • Data protection – the hot topic is still data protection and GDPR, and making sure you have a secure CRM with good data management is right at the top of the list. Compliance is as much down to how a CRM is designed, managed and used by a team, alongside the security of the platform itself. Find out how we are helping with teams get ready for GDPR.

  • Less typingmore talking – good quality customer service is paramount. A key trend here is embracing immediacy, and engaging with and talking to customers directly via live chat. So how do you record these conversations within your CRM? We are using an exciting range of features within Service Cloud to help clients improve their Customer Service Support Desk.

  • Connecting the conversations – As social media is becoming an increasingly prominent way to engage, organisations are asking how to record and connect social media conversations into their CRM. Typically, the two digital solutions tend to be isolated so data sits in silos, which is problematic if you’re trying to understand the full picture of your customer interactions. Connecting your CRM with social media platforms is increasingly becoming an important return on investment metric. Salesforce Social Studio offers this solution.

  • Building longer-term relationships – strong customer relationships are at the core of any organisation (and also echoed in the GDPR guidance). The key is understanding and respecting customer choices to nurture positive and meaningful relationships. From a regulatory and perspective, emphasis is on encouraging an ongoing opt-in status for marketing. This will probably massively influence how you engage stakeholders in the longer-term. Your whole team needs to think about your customer journey. Our dedicated Marketing Solutions Consultants are tackling this topic in our first webinar of the year – Tracking the Impact of Your Campaigns With Salesforce.

  • Get Smart – improve customer service by embracing Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is about using existing data and information to better inform, advise and understand how to help your stakeholders more readily by learning from past trends and outcomes and building on knowledge available. Welcome to Salesforce Einstein!

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GDPR – How We Can Help

With just 5 months left to prepare for GDPR, we’ve pulled together a series of handy resources to help you keep calm, and be ready when the regulation comes in to effect on 25th May.

We’ll be releasing content monthly, so be sure to sign up for our newsletter (if you haven’t already!).

It’ll come as no surprise to you that we evangelise about CRM – we live and breathe Salesforce, and we are committed to making it work for you. Here’s why, and how it can help you with GDPR:

  1.  Client information 
    New GDPR regulation will mean you need have a clear record of each person on your database, and the consent they gave to be held on your database at the first point of contact. Regulation aside, you should have a complete 360 degree viewpoint of your constituents – it’s the first stepping stone to building strong relationships. A good CRM system enables you to hold information about all your stakeholders whether they are customers, donors, volunteers, staff or funders and track all your interactions with them, in one place.
  2. Data integrity  
    Creating process and structure to your data inputting helps maintain an accurate and up-to-date database, which is key to GDPR compliance. You’ll also need to maintain and refresh consent with your constituents, and keep records of this consent.
  3. Customer Intelligence  
    It’s vital to build relationships with your core audience – the best way to do this is to understand them. What do they need/want from you? How do they interact? What motivates them? Being able to group your customers helps tailor your communications to them, and to keep them engaged. Stay relevant!
  4. Better Customer Communications  
    GDPR is an opportunity to clean out your data – and to focus your energies on speaking to an engaged audience. Marketing Automation is increasingly important and will continue to be so – you need to focus on your data in order to build relevant and engaging customer journeys.
  5. Data security  
    Data in spreadsheets across desktops and folders just isn’t compliant. And it isn’t a secure and diligent way of managing your customer data. Keep it safe and protected – it’s precious (and the law!).

Steps to Take Now

The ICO also has a twelve-step document and has just issued FAQs to help your organisation prepare.

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Salesforce Champions Workshop – Strategy for 2018

 Salesforce Champions Workshop – Jan 2018

Following the inspiration of the Salesforce Connected Non-Profit Conference, we would like to invite non-profit Salesforce administrators to our Salesforce Champions Workshop, to plan your Salesforce strategy for 2018!

Our one day workshop, is a practical discussion forum between our Salesforce experts and the non-profit network to get together and share ideas and knowledge & to plan and develop your strategy for the year ahead.

26th January 2018 – 9.30 – 4.30pm,

CAN Mezzanine, 49 – 51 East Road, London, N1 6AH

The day will empower nonprofits with access to expert advice and support from the Economic Change team, and provide a dose of insight and inspiration from your peers on what will have be a valuable day of learning for Salesforce fans.

Come along to gain some new ideas, strategies and tools to support, engage and develop your users and CRM system to improve efficiency, team productivity, data protection and integrity.

The workshop will be include hands-on discussion sessions with some quick short sharp presentations to kick start discussions and large group feedback opportunities.

Group Discussion Tables for Attendees to discuss solutions to topics such as: GDPR, Transition to Lighting, Einstein, NPSP, User Adoption, Reports and Analytics, Marketing Solutions Pardot and Social Studio.

Group Discussion Tables around Use Case Solutions for Organisations involved in: Membership, Grant Management, Volunteer Management, Fundraising, Training/Events, Marketing, Impact Measurement.


Tailored to your needs – Delegates will be asked to submit their hot topics and burning questions before the workshop, so advice and guidance can be tailored and group members planned to provide maximum benefit.

To maximise value to the sector we can only accept one delegate from each organisation.

Cost: £300 (+VAT)

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Salesforce Connected Nonprofit Event – Highlights & Learnings

Heather talks impact at Salesforce Connected Nonprofit event 2017

Economic Change was thrilled to be asked to speak at the event yesterday, hosted by The theme for the Connected Nonprofit event  was the NonProfit Success pack (NPSP) which is available to download for free (up to 10 user licenses) and celebrated how Salesforce technology has helped 165,ooo nonprofits worldwide to achieve their mission. Heather spoke alongside Christine Hatt, Chance UK about Salesforce for Impact and shared the Chance UK steps to successfully implementing a Salesforce CRM, having recently adopted Salesforce with the help of Economic Change. You can learn more about the Salesforce Connected Nonprofit with the Trailmix created from the event on the Salesforce Trailhead (online learning) website.

Heather outlined the core benefits of Salesforce technology for Programme Delivery and Impact Management as:

  • Improved security (including data and GDPR)
  • Real Time Analytics
  • Better Team Working
  • Stronger relationships

Christine’s Top Tips for Implementing a Salesforce Project:


  • Take the time to work out exactly what you want from the platform
  • Choose your developer carefully
  • Consult the whole staff team
  • Bring in expert external support if you don’t have in-house expertise
  • Allocate sufficient funds
  • Do the details –they’re really important
  • Be patient – it takes time!

You can view the video of Heather & Christine’s presentation below, or request a copy of the slides by contacting

Looking to implement or enhance your existing Salesforce system? We’d love to arrange a free consultation – just drop us an email to


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Celebrating 12 Years of Economic Change

November marks a very special time for the Economic Change Team. Our MD Heather Black looks back at the last twelve years, and celebrates our Supermums – Economic Change’s newest recruits.

Just a year ago, to coincide with our birthday, we developed the Economic Change Supermums Programme – empowering women back in to work through Salesforce skills, and matching them with Charities looking for a way to harness the power of Salesforce to support their mission. It’s a win for everyone – the charity can access free Salesforce implementation support (equivalent to a half price implementation) and gives the Supermums valuable work experience, overseen by our team of expert Project Managers.

The Sage Foundation, Big Issue Invest and have all recognised the incredible potential of our Programme, and we were awarded a grant from the Sage Foundation Enterprise Fund in September this year. On Wednesday 15th November, we came together to honour our Supermum Graduates, and celebrate the Programme’s first birthday at Salesforce Towers.

The numbers speak for themselves

Within the last 12 months we have recruited 23 Supermums, providing them with 6 months’ of training and work experience. 26 charities have benefited from 133 days Supermums’ volunteering support. 13 trainees have now completed the six month course, and the remaining are still in training. 7 are now in jobs and we are currently placing the latest 6 graduates into work.

Celebrating Success

On 15th November, we were thrilled to bring all these people together at Salesforce Towers to celebrate the Supermums Programme, congratulate our graduates and receive a dose of inspiration from our Salesforce guest speakers. Opening the event, Heather thanked our team, Salesforce volunteers & the Sage Foundation, as well as celebrating the achievements of our Supermums. Our mums were also presented with a graduation certificate to celebrate their success.

Heather said:

“I’d like to thank our own team, Salesforce volunteers and the Sage Foundation for helping to make the programme a success. Twelve years ago, we launched as a social enterprise to provide management consultancy to nonprofits, and to empower people into work. Today, we are a passionate as ever about supporting the nonprofit sector. We’re thrilled to champion women in tech, juggling work/life flexibility and smashing tech stereotypes.

Looking forward, the next year will bring some exciting developments for Economic Change. We are working on a new brand and website to help carry us through into the future, increasing our range of specialist services to continue to empower nonprofits, and we will continue to grow the Supermums Programme to empower more women in to work. Thanks for being a part of it.”

Find out more about out Supermums Programme here.



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Tracking the Impact of your Campaigns with Salesforce

Campaigns Tracking with Pardot Tracking the Impact of your Campaigns with Salesforce.

Want to increase the outreach and impact of your campaigns? Of course – who doesn’t.

Join our next webinar on Wednesday 24th January at 11am with Tahlia King, our new Head of Marketing Solutions, to talk about what Marketing Automation has to offer non-profits in 2018.

Tahlia KingTahlia King, Head of Marketing Solutions, With over 12 years’ experience in the charity sector, Tahlia leads the team with a wealth of sector experience, as well as a BA (Hons) in Marketing Management, CIM certifications and training in Pardot. Tahlia has previously held senior management positions at Social Investment Business and Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) and has been working as a Marketing Consultant for the last 5 years for a range of non-profits. She boasts practical as well as academic rigour having worked as a CIM Assignment Tutor for the Oxford College of Marketing.  Since joining Economic Change in 2016, Tahlia has implemented our internal marketing strategy to realise a more cost-effective approach to lead generation (including adoption of Pardot), as well as advising our clients on all aspects of marketing & communications.

Tahlia’s perspective:

We know that nonprofits use marketing campaigns for four key reasons:

  • Raising awareness of your cause to generate conversation, discussion, agenda
  • Raising interest in your cause to focus attention on a specific issue
  • Creating a desire to help your cause
  • Generating action e.g. donations, volunteers, change


This is often known as the AIDA  Funnel, and helps an organisation to guide its prospects through the process.

A balance of communications and marketing activity are the skills at play here, and any charity marketing professional needs to be able to understand the impact of their work, justify marketing spend and to demonstrate ROI. We help our Salesforce Nonprofit clients to track a wide range of outcomes throughout the AIDA Funnel, for example:

 (AIDA Model

Generating attention – boosting awareness of your cause and capturing data to demonstrate that impact e.g: asking people to sign a petition, measuring engagements with media/press, generating and measuring indicators of brand awareness e.g. increased social media interactions.

Generating interest in your cause – creating tailored content to resonate with your audience which is tracked e.g clicks on a campaign page, number of enquiries made to a help line, downloads of online content.

Generating a desire to take action & measuring these actions – creating strong call to actions with a measurable response e.g. A/B testing donations by a particular campaign message or image, number of volunteers signed up.

Tracking & monitoring needn’t be difficult!

Manual tracking, reconciling different systems and spreadsheets is time consuming and often unreliable. To build a full picture of your campaigns activity you need to integrate a number of channels and systems. By applying these tailored marketing tools, you  have the potential to track user behaviour and levels of engagement at another level.
This insight can help you be smarter in your campaigns, more knowledgeable about your stakeholders and generate efficiencies in your marketing team, meaning you can spend more time generating campaigns activity which delivers return on investment, and proves your spend is working as hard as it can be. You can also create or alter journeys at any point, meaning your engagement campaigns are always flexible.
You can sing about the impact of your work and confidently allocate funds to the strongest and most profitable marketing activity by continually tracking and analysing results.
Interested to know more?

Our next FREE webinar will help you learn more about how we help marketers to track their impact using Salesforce tools:


  • Campaign influence
  • Campaign management
  • Building & managing customer journeys using Pardot
  • Campaign hierarchy

Join our next webinar on Wednesday 24th January at 11am. Register here.

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3 ways Salesforce Pardot can help your non-profit

Integrated marketing solutions with Salesforce are now becoming a must-have requirement, with best practice being encouraged by GDPR and practical insights into customer preferences and marketing behaviour helping to deliver a better ROI. Email still wins hands-down for acquisition according to research! 

An e-marketing tool must integrate with your CRM to manage data preferences effectively. With an integrated E-Marketing tool, and improved segmentation and preferences management, you can:

  • Increase engagement rates
  • Increase donor acquisition
  • Improve customer retention
  • Improve email personalisation




If you want to increase sales or fundraising for your non-profit, then we do recommend looking at Pardot as a marketing solution as your potential returns will be greater. Find out why below…

Increasing income

By using a combination of donor journeys and improved insights through smart tracking, your nonprofit can target the most engaged stakeholders and direct them automatically to your fundraising team. Want to know who has downloaded your whitepaper or viewed your training pricing page? Pardot can track non-identifiable visitors with code, so when they sign up to a newsletter, webinar etc. you can match this information, which you can then use to determine how likely they are to buy or donate.

One of the big marketing issues for any organisation is sending the right information to customers or other stakeholders. Pardot makes it easy to build highly sophisticated journeys that allows your customers to receive the information relevant to them. And because Pardot is constantly tracking email and website interactions, you will always have a complete 360˚ of your customer or stakeholder.

Need to improve productivity?

One of the big disadvantages of many marketing automation services is integrating with Salesforce. They all allow sending open and click data back to Salesforce, but this can result in expensive storage issues. Pardot’s tight integration with Salesforce avoids this by updating the contact, lead or account record directly, and it also has access to data from cases, opportunities and custom objects. Furthermore, Pardot can directly trigger automations in Salesforce, so that you can spend less time manipulating data and more time analysing and acting on data.

Need to meet compliance regulation?

With GDPR coming into force next year, nonprofits are required to give a clear choice to stakeholders on what marketing communications they receive. Pardot makes it easier to manage email preferences and also allows customers or leads to update their personal information all from the same branded page. Furthermore, because all marketing data is stored in one place, GDPR assessments are easily done.

Find out more about Pardot by booking a free consultation with our Marketing Solutions team – Email