Proving your Impact to Public Sector Commissioners

impact   At our next Economic Exchange event in February we are exploring a number of tools to help you demonstrate your impact better within public sector tenders, and as a result hopefully increase your competitiveness and market positioning.

These tools include:

  • A Logic Model or Theory of Change Model – These tools enable the impact of your organisation or project to be easily presented within an A4 or A3 visual diagram to clearly sum up your aim, objectives, outputs and outcomes. It is an approach that some commissioners are now asking for, so they can clearly see the SMART impact you plan to make.
  • Social Return on Investment – This approach enables an organisation to demonstrate the financial value of their impact, based on fiscal savings and/or economic and social benefits. Demonstrating the added value of your service and the return on investment could increase your chance of winning a tender if a commissioner feels they are getting more value for the money they spend. At our event, a representative from NEF Consulting will be telling us about the latest applications of SROI and which type of commissioners are interested in this data.
  • Monitoring Processes and Systems – Having good monitoring tools and systems in place can help you meet compliance and reporting requirements, and enables easier data collection and transparency to stakeholders including your funders. We will be demonstrating Salesforce CRM that has been accepted by various national to local commissioners, which is secure database and completely customisable to track your stakeholders, outputs and outcomes.
  • Social Value Act – Public sector commissioners are now tasked with considering social value within their decision making in line with the Social Value Act. The priorities and approach taken by each commissioning body will be different, so we advise contacting your relevant commissioner to find out more. Considering how your organisation can contribute additional social value and contribute to the identified priorities could help you to boost your score. To find out more visit the SEUK website or the Social Value Portal.
  • Environmental Impact – ‘Business tenders now allocate up to 10% of their scores to environmental issues’ (Carbon Trust 2009). Having an Environmental Policy is pretty standard practice these days, but it can be important to practice what you preach and actively put in practices to measure and evaluate your environment impact. We have a representative speaking at our event from the Green Mark which provides guidance and a certification to demonstrate environmental practices.

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If you would like to support to develop your social impact framework, monitoring tools and systems, then please contact us for a free consultation.


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