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  • Are you looking to hire professional contract or permanent staff experienced in Salesforce and related CRM management disciplines?
  • Are you struggling to find the professional flexible resource you need?

At Economic Change, we are currently training up professional women in Salesforce Administration skills who are looking to get back into work after having a family.

Alongside training in Salesforce skills we are also providing a foundation knowledge in business analysis, change management and project management. They also gain live work experience on projects with small charities and mentoring from our consultancy team.

Why? – Did you know that 2.6m mums are not working and according to recent research 7 out of 10 can’t find flexible work, and 55% of those who go back to work accept more junior positions.

Our Ambition is to increase the talented resource available in the Salesforce sector and help female returners to work secure well-paid professional careers in a growing market sector. We are a social enterprise on a mission! 

Who are the participants?   

Our participants are professional women, who have previously left jobs to have a family and who are now returning to work. They are looking for flexible work opportunities within the Salesforce eco-system.
Their professional backgrounds are diverse, ranging from corporate, non-profit and SME sectors, spanning CRM, IT, Business Analysis, HR, Marketing, Sales, and Project Management roles across a wide range of business industries such as IT, Finance, Retail, Logistics, Media.
We have had over 2,000 women demonstrate an interest in the training programme, but the biggest question they ask, is “Do flexible employment opportunities really exist?” before they commit to retraining. So, we want to build relationships with companies who need flexible resource to help enable such opportunities.

What does flexible mean?  

Our participants are looking for flexible employment opportunities, this could mean one or more of the following:

      • part-time roles
      • remote working either full or part-time
      • flexible working hours either full or part-time
      • ad-hoc contracts

What type of roles could you offer?  

Our trainees could progress into Salesforce Project Managers, Business Analysts, Administrators or Consultants. You could access this resource via:

  • Returnship Placement – If you have an existing Salesforce team can you offer a three month paid part-time contract to help our trainees gain valuable experience and take a step back into work. 
  • A Consultancy Contract – Hire a mum as a contractor for a specific piece of work as part of the Economic Change consultancy team. 
  • Internal Hire – We could help you to find and recruit flexible resource for your own internal contract and permanent positions.

Interested? – Then speak to Debra Carlyle, our Client Services – Resourcing Manager at 

DebraDebra is responsible for identifying and liaising with companies and non-profits that are looking for Salesforce consultants or permanent hire. She supports the growth of our internal Salesforce consultancy practice, and also takes responsibility for identifying work placement and permanent job opportunities for participants on our Salesforce Supermums programme. She is experienced in sales, account management and recruitment with over 10 years experience as a 360 recruitment consultant focusing on the IT Sector specifically in the ERP/CRM market. She is also training to be a certified Salesforce Administrator.


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