Salesforce Support for Non-Profits

2015sf_Partner_RegisteredConsultingPartner_logo_RGBAt Economic Change we are committed to offering our customers the very best Salesforce support. 

We make four key commitments to our customers:sf-intl-impactpartner-2016-colorsmall

  1. We offer clients a personalised service for as long as they need.
  2. We will help clients make the most of their Salesforce instance.
  3. We provide insight and knowledge about what is possible.
  4. We will capacity build the internal skills of staff to the point of self-management.

Our Support Packages

Our support packages are suitable for existing Salesforce users. If you are planning a new installation of Salesforce, then please check out our Salesforce Implementation page.

We have created a flexible range of packages, tailored to suit the needs of our clients. If none of these suit your budget or needs we could create something just for you, just ask:

  • Salesforce Champion MentoringSuitable for Internal Salesforce Admins who would benefit from mentoring and guidance to develop Salesforce themselves. Can also provide holiday cover. 
  • Salesforce Support Package –  Suitable for existing Salesforce customers who don’t have a dedicated Internal Salesforce Administrator and require hands on support to manage and customise the system and support and train end users.
  • Salesforce Development Package Suitable for existing Salesforce customers who plan to further develop their Salesforce instance and require hands-on support from consultants.

Our Salesforce Support for Non-Profits Package offers:

Just in Time Flexible Support – Your time can be used towards training, customisation or analysis work delivered by any of our team. We can respond to requests (within office hours) and response time will depend on the level of urgency set.

Latest Release Briefing – We will review the latest features offered in Salesforce releases three times a year, and call to update you on any particular features that we think would benefit your organisation. We will also notify you of any relevant critical updates.

Health Check – We will meet with you to help undertake a review of how your organisation and team are using Salesforce and identify challenges or opportunities to optimise adoption and efficiency.

Dedicated Customer Area –  Clients can access information about their contracts via our customer portal using Salesforce communities. Within this area you can log cases for the team’s attention and track progress.

Online Training – We continue to develop a resource of videos and webinars to cover Salesforce administration tasks, alongside information about ways to develop your Salesforce instance to maximise its value to your organisation. These resources will be available to you within the online community.

champions-groupFree Webinars – Throughout the year we organise free Salesforce Champion webinars to provide useful insight and information to our current and prospective clients about what can be achieved.

Price Structure

On-Site Visits* Virtual Support Training Monthly Fee Annual Discount
Package Half Days* (4hrs) Per Year Hrs Per Year** Access to Online Videos and Webinars Contract Term

12  months (exc of VAT)

If full amount paid in advance (exc of VAT)
Salesforce Champion Mentoring


1 20 x £200 £2,325
Salesforce Support Package


2 40 x £375 £4,400
Salesforce Development Package


6 72 x £700 £8,250

(50% upfront and 50% at 6mths)

* Additional travel costs may be incurred by client.

** It is assumed on a support contract that hours will be utilised relatively evenly throughout the year. If a client utilises all of their committed hours and is on a monthly payment plan, we reserve the right to request the remaining balance to be paid in full.

Additional Time Top Up : £100 per hour or £750 per day of 8hrs (exc VAT).

We can also deliver Salesforce administrator training courses for you onsite and allocated budget can be used to pay for attendance at one of our public training workshops – CRM Planning Workshop or Change Management Workshop.

Why Work with Us?

  • After 11 years in business, 65% of our work comes through referral, so we know we must be doing things right!
  • Our structured approach to projects is the most acclaimed comment by our 450 clients.
  • Our team has over 70 years of combined experience in the non-profit industry.
  • We are highly qualified and experienced with training in business analysis, project management, Salesforce and change management.
  • Over 80% of our clients feel they have improved sustainability of their organisation.
  • We are registered partner and Impact Partner for
  • We are a non-profit social enterprise and re-invest our surplus profit into supporting the sector – for example in 2016 we arranged 10 free events with over 20 partners, providing 40hrs of free learning to over 600 attendees and 6,000 blog post readers. Find out moreseuk_socialenterprise_badge_350x161-1


For a free consultation please contact us to discuss your needs 

Call 020 3051 8333 or email