Economic Change provides management solutions to help organisations improve their efficiency, sustainability and socio-economic impact.

We help our clients to realise their organisational strategy by enabling them to improve the management of relationships with their stakeholders and harness the power of technology using Salesforce CRM and other third party apps. We can help to develop the service offer, streamline business processes and evaluate the customer experience to ultimately maximise their impact.

Our combined expertise in business management, system design and social impact helps us to produce the best outcome for our clients.

Our management solutions can be organisational-wide or department specific to help you nurture, understand and improve relationships with your target stakeholders at a personalised or aggregated level.

As management consultants we believe in three key ingredients to achieve results:

A great strategy + clear goals + powerful technology = Maximum impact. 

Depending on the client’s need we can assist to develop their strategy, define and evaluate performance criteria and maximise the use of technology to achieve their objectives through three interconnected services.

We are passionate about supporting organisations that strive to make an impact by tackling an economic, social or environmental cause.

Our client list includes charities, educational bodies, public sector organisations, social enterprises, ethical businesses, and csr departments of organisations.

Our services focus on:-

  • Business Strategy Development – Turn your vision into a robust plan and streamlined processes. We help management teams to research, evaluate and plan new approaches to their business and operational processes through assisting with market research, process mapping, change management and strategy development.
  • Measuring Social Impact – Define your performance indicators and undertake real-time analysis. We help our clients to develop a framework for defining and measuring their impact, establishing monitoring tools and systems using Salesforce CRM and third party apps and offer an independent evaluation service to evaluate the impact of your organisation and services for funders or stakeholders.
  • Setting Up Salesforce Management Systems – Achieve big data analysis and personalised engagement strategies. We work with management teams to assess their operational management needs and assist them to implement customised client management systems to manage and monitor activities across service delivery, business development, volunteer management, marketing and HR using Salesforce CRM.

Our clients include international, national and local brands and deliver a blend of integrated services to our clients. We work with over 100 clients each year.