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Webinar Resources: Economic Exchange Not-for-Profit webinars


We bring the experts direct to you, tackling a diverse range of challenges affecting the not-for-profit sector. With topics spanning GDPR through to how to build successful relationships – our webinars provide bite-sized insights to help your organisation become more efficient, effective and sustainable for the future. Have a see for yourself…


Why? – Economic Change is passionate about helping organisations nurture successful stakeholder relationships by developing robust processes, implementing a CRM (Client Relationship Management) system and other digital tools to build intuitive, trusting and supportive relationships. Contact us to discuss our solutions

Webinar Recordings

Salesforce Champion Webinar – Contact Management and Data Protection 2017
Salesforce Champion Webinar – Marketing Campaign Management – Pardot and Salesforce
Salesforce Champion Webinar – Website Integration and Salesforce
Salesforce Champion Webinar – Salesforce and Education and Training
Salesforce Champion Webinar – Salesforce for Programme Management
Salesforce Champion Webinar – SF for Infrastructure, Membership & Foundations
Salesforce Champion Webinar – Using Salesforce for Volunteer Management
Salesforce Champion Webinar – How can Cloud Based CRM’s help Trustees and SMT
Salesforce Champion Webinar – Using Salesforce for Finance and Sage
Salesforce Champion Webinar – Using Saleforce for Impact Management & Wave
Economic Exchange Webinar – Youth Support and Volunteer Management Digital Tools
How to be Successful Impact Ambassador Webinar
Salesforce Champion Webinar – Tips CRM Roll-Out Nationally and Internationally
Economic Exchange Webinar – Digital Strategies for Community Businesses