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Economic Change has been involved in customising Salesforce CRM and third party apps for international to local membership based organisations, to manage membership of individuals, businesses and VSCE organisations, alongside training and additional services.

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The quick wins for our clients are:

    • Data all in one place to give a 360 degree view of what activities your members are participating in.
    • Integrated communication tools to to improve customer relationships.
    • Real time data analysis to track the impact & change in member’s profiles year on year.
    • Digital technology to speed up administration processes and improve customer services.

Some of the features can include

  • Membership Management – Create online membership forms for members to sign up and input their data directly into the CRM.  Record contacts & correspondence with members and track the level of interaction by members, whether it’s attending events, participating in an online community or accessing training, for example.
  • Create a Community – Use Salesforce Communities to create an online community for members to update their information, or upload events or opportunities, discuss and collaborate using Chatter, access resources or see a directory of members.
  • Online Payment Integration – Use a variety of third party payment tools tailored to the needs of the non-profit sector to take one-off or direct debit payments. Link payment information directly to contacts, sales and membership records within your CRM.
  • Impact Measurement – Collect information about your members to build a profile, track need & interests, segment into categories and record outcomes. Collect information via online forms on an annual basis, for example and track change overtime within the CRM.
  • Communications – Integrate Chatter, Salesforce Marketing Cloud or third party communication tools to manage different marketing & communication strategies with new and existing members, whether through email, newsletters, text messages, a forum,  or web-chat to manage ongoing relationships.
  • Shared Data Platform – If you have members with a similar client management or data collection need, you could create a template off-the-shelf CRM platform that multiple members could purchase, deploy and use to track their contacts, intervention and outcomes. For inspiration check out In-Form, built by Homeless Link for charities in the homeless and housing sector. We can’t take credit for the In-Form system, but we would be keen to help develop similar platforms.
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Some of our clients include:

locality social enterprise UK  ihv_logo plunkett foundation

ariadne     action hantssocialfirmsuk_logo



Alongside Membership management, your Salesforce CRM can also be adopted to support Front Line DeliveryVolunteer Management Fundraising ManagementVCSE and SME Business Support ManagementGrant and Fund ManagementCommunity Asset ManagementHR Management and Sales and Marketing .

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