Using a robust CRM system to improve the bank balance of your organisation

Designing and implementing robust systems within an organisation will take time and money and quite often a business case needs to be presented to management to allocate such resource. Ideally the time and money spent on a good system will help your organisation to become more sustainable, by helping to better track and allocate finance and achieve and even exceed financial targets.

You might need to allocate a budget for system development within your overhead costs or allocate budgets within proposals/tenders you are applying for in order to secure investment for system updates, new functionality, or new user licenses.

When considering where or how the investment might come from the following factors are good to take into account

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Can a CRM with streamlined more efficient management practices help your organisation achieve Cost Savings, through:

  • A reduction in time and associated salaries of admin tasks
  • A reduction in the sales conversion time.
  • A reduction in system costs if changing to a cheaper solution
  • A reduction in marketing costs due to increase in repeat customers or word of mouth referrals due to great customer experience.
  • Analysing reasons for disqualified leads and evaluating the use of resources within marketing and sales to reduce waste.

Can a CRM with easy access to business intelligence help you increase the Income Potential of your organisation, with an:

  • Improved chance of securing new income/contracts, for example if your internal system and processes meet expected quality standards and client requirements.
  • Increase in turnaround and number of proposals submitted, due to real-time information being readily available e.g. impact data.
  • Increase in sales and stakeholder engagement through improved communication processes and customer intelligence.
  • Increase in repeat customers due to improved communication and engagement.
  • Increase in budget for organisational infrastructure due to fees/costs being included within proposals for contracts.

For further guidance on designing a robust CRM system to achieve results download our E-Guide to Designing a Management System

By Heather Black, Managing Director of Economic Change CIC

Providing Management Solutions to help organisations improve their efficiency, sustainability and socio-economic impact.

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