Do you want to give your CRM project the best chance of success? our CRM Strategy Training Course can help you.

Reduce the risk of your CRM roll-out failing by having a CRM strategy in place to elicit, engage and support user adoption. Our 3 month course covers the key principles: business analysis, change management and agile project management disciplines. These are essential ingredients to any CRM strategy alongside the technical know-how.

International industry research has shown:
“Success in 68% of technology projects is “improbable.” (AIG consulting)
“McKinsey estimates that 70% of change programs fail to achieve their goals, in large part due to employee resistance.” (Forbes)
“28% of projects fail due to inadequate change management.” (PMI)

Research highlights that the key reasons for failure of CRM projects are lack of executive sponsorship, inadequate business analysis, and poor change management. 

Our course will help to put people at the heart of your CRM strategy. By having a CRM Strategy in place it should ultimately improve executive sponsorship, change management and business analysis, and boost the chance of CRM success.

CRM Strategy Training Course – About the Course

It is a three month virtual CRM Strategy Training Course consisting of 12 online training modules and 6 group coaching webinars to ask specific questions and benefit from group mentoring and feedback. There is also an option to purchase additional One to One Coaching.

The online training covers key principles, best practice and case studies related to:
Business Analysis | Change Management | Agile Project Management | Long Term User Management Strategy

Within the group coaching calls we discuss the learning within a group, key takeaways and provide an opportunity to ask questions.

Desired Outcomes of the Course

The trainee will be expected to prepare a CRM strategy template to accomplish:
High Executive Sponsorship | Good Communication | High Engagement | Good Design | High Benefits | Good Adoption

Next Course Dates

Our next course starts on Thursday 28th March – 11.30 – 1pm

Cost: £500 plus VAT

Top Up: Additional 4 x 1hr One to One Coaching is £1,000 plus VAT

The Instructor

CRM Strategy Training Course

The programme is delivered by Heather Black, Managing Director of Economic Change. Heather Black is an experienced business coach and practitioner in Salesforce, Business Analysis, Agile Project Management and Change Management. She is also a qualified NLP and Business Coach.
Since 2002 Heather has supported non-profits to evaluate and adopt business practices as a consultant and coach.

Since 2013 she has mentored and supported customers to implement Salesforce and as at Feb 19 has overseen 390 projects with 190 charities (and counting). She enjoys coaching senior management teams to embrace digital transformation and help their organisation to achieve their goals by implementing new strategies and technology.
Heather spends time training and coaching client-side CRM project managers to implement a CRM strategy to engage and support user adoption, alongside the technical requirements and expertise. Over three months participants will be equipped with key CRM disciplines, which will equip with them with the skills to manage a change project.

What people say about our CRM Strategy course: 

“The course made me realise that we needed to do more consultation with staff, and to take more interest in who my staff are with regards to their learning styles.”

“I’ve come away knowing how to plan change more effectively, and getting clearer on how we collect data and what roles staff need to take.”

“I now know how to create a better business case for change.“
“The training was clear, really informative and provided some really useful tools.”

“It’s provided a step-by-step process to planning from assessing the viability through to engagement.”

“It’s provided a step-by-step process to planning from assessing the viability through to engagement.”

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