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We live and breathe empowering nonprofits with Salesforce. We are proud to be specialist experts in the sector with a commitment to improving society.

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Why Economic Change?

Our passion, expertise and dedicated approach is widely acclaimed by our clients. We help maximise the economic and social benefits of your Salesforce system including marketing automation. Since 2012, we have enabled our socially-driven clients to increase efficiency, sustainability and to maximise impact.
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Driving your non profit forward

Our team at a local and international level will empower your non profit to grow, scale and become more efficient with Salesforce.

Salesforce Consultancy

Develop and implement a a fully-customised Salesforce CRM. Our team will Identify your needs, and achieve measurable outcomes.

Salesforce Training

Upskill your in-house team with our comprehensive six-month training programme  tailored to all team members administering your organisation’s Salesforce CRM.

Salesforce Support Contracts​

Ongoing platform support and clear guidance on identifying opportunities for improvement with our team of Salesforce experts.

Salesforce Marketing Solutions

Essential for targeted communication our certified Salesforce Partners advise on the implementation and integration of your marketing automation objectives.

On Demand Webinars

We bring the best minds together to share their knowledge and insights across our webinars.

De-Risk your Digital Acceleration

29th April 2021 De Risk Digital Acceleration Join The Webinar People assume that if it’s in the cloud, it’s protected. But for most SaaS apps like Salesforce there is a shared responsibility for keeping data safe. Customers are responsible for the errors and corruption they create. Yet despite this exposure, most organisations don’t backup their

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Charity Discount Package

You may qualify for our Charity Discount Package Scheme as part of a Salesforce Consultancy Contract. Book a call with one of our consultants to find out more.

Our Customers love what we do

Over 600 Projects delivered to over 300 non profits. Economic Change has empowered companies of all sizes with Salesforce.

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Thought Leadership

We want you to thrive. We’re constantly creating resources and events to empower your team.

CRM Launch #2 – How to create a clear business case

You know you need a new CRM – it’ll save hours of admin time, give your team a clearer view of activities and progress, and create a central hub for all those scattered contacts and tasks you have – saving everybody time and money. But how do you communicate this need to your company execs, and

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CRM Launch #1 – Agile Project Management

Over the next six weeks we are talking about the six essential elements to launch your CRM project in 2021.  Read our introductory article here  The first element is embracing Agile Project Management. We would recommend that an organisation launching a CRM project nominates an internal project manager who has the understanding and/or training in

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6 essential elements to launch your CRM Project

Over the next 6 weeks we will share insight on 6 essential elements to kick start your Salesforce CRM project successfully. At Economic Change, our purpose is to empower accidental Salesforce admins and CRM managers with the information they need to implement and manage their Salesforce system and users successfully. Alongside our 3 month Salesforce Admin Training Course, we

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Ready to accelerate your Non Profit?

Book a FREE consultation with a member of our team. As part of the consultation, we will review your business priorities, technical requirements and product options to help you develop and reinforce your digital strategy.

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