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Fundraising Exchange Features

Check out the range of features available in the Salesforce Service Cloud solution below to meet the needs of membership organisations and the range of outcomes that our clients shout about.

Integrated Customer Database

Benefit from a 360 view of your customers to manage cases, communication, track responses and review feedback.

Online Customer Community

Empower your customers with self-service capabilities, access to their cases, searchable knowledge, discussion groups and IAG directories.

Internal Departmental Efficiency

Improve business processes between sales, delivery, finance and comms to streamline internal processes and customer service.

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Check out what our customers say..

“Salesforce has vastly improved data capturing and associated reporting and analysis allowing for much more accurate impact assessment and management. It has provided a much clearer strategy around improving the organisations impact and service deliver using highly accurate data and reporting to make critical business decisions. It has been a truly exciting project for the Helpline Team at MS Society and we look forward to continuing to work with Economic Change as we expand our use of the system”
“With dealing with over 50,000 complaints a year we needed a sophisticated helpline and case management tool. We introduced an online registration form and utilised Service Cloud as a case management tool to enable tracking of action regarding complaints. By implementing online registration of charities and complaints has demonstrably freed up capacity of staff workload to focus on validating data and responding to complaints instead of spending time on manual and duplicate data entry tasks.”
“We need a secure solution to scale up our helpline from four to over 10 users. It’s given us a GDPR complaint tool to work from as well as simplified reporting – no more pivot tables in spreadsheets, now clear and up to date Dashboards​. We also have mobile access to facts and figures when in meetings​. Economic Change taught us to fish so we could become self-sustaining. I fell in love with Salesforce and was fascinated. I have been able to maintain and continually improve our system.”

Full overview of our Help Desk solution

Our Help Desk solution brings together all of the benefits of the #1 Salesforce CRM platform and Service Cloud with additional features that we feel provides a great customer experience.
Features Included
Case Management
Contact Management
Household/Account Mgmt
Activity Management
Communication Tools
Campaign Management
Reports and Dashboards
Mobile Access
Workflows and Approvals
Duplicate management

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Our Partners

We work with a number of technical partners to bring our Help Desk solution to life.


Salesforce offers a #1 CRM tool with a built in non-profit success pack which has some ready made features to support fundraising management. We build on this using products such as Community Cloud, Service Cloud, Pardot, Einstein Analytics to realise a great Fundraising Solution for clients.

aircall logo
Aircall is one of our partners if you require integrated telephony system to manage call allocation, record calls, respond to calls all within Salesforce
Lighthouse KMS

If you require advanced knowledge management functionality we harness the power of Lighthouse KMS to be provide an enhanced self-service information, advice and guidance service for members.

Vonage Logo

Vonage is one of our partners if you require integrated telephony system to manage call allocation, record calls, respond to calls all within Salesforce

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Native Video
If you require the ability to create and send videos to individuals as a case responsenative video enables you to record and send video emails.

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