Membership & Sales Management for Fundraising Regulator

The Context

Fundraising Regulator are the independent regulator of charitable fundraising in the UK. They stand up for best practice in fundraising, in order to protect donors and support the vital work of fundraisers. They were established in 2016 and needed a single system that would help manage the registration of several thousand charities amounting to in excess of 50,000 complaints a year.

The Challenge

  • When taking over from the Fundraising Standards Board (FRSB), they inherited data that was housed on spreadsheets.

  • Previous system was expensive and not cost effective.

  • A lack of managing online registration and membership of the 160,000 charities and their contacts, across England and Wales.

  • Limited ability to handle the 50,000 complaints received each year and record any action taken on these complaints.

  • No way of digitally invoicing charities for their annual registration fees.

The Solution

Economic Change implemented 2 Key Salesforce Solutions to address these challenges: 

Sales Cloud for Membership Management

  • Streamlining Data Import: The Charity Commission registration requirements of charities are regularly imported to ensure easy validation upon a new charity registration.

  • Integration with Online Registration Forms: Form Assembly used to create registration forms on the website that import and map data to opportunities for new charity registrations and to ensure accurate and valid contact updates.

  • Introduction of Self-Service Portal: Registered charity details are made available to view on the website and help the community to self-serve.

  • Implementation of third party tools: Xero via Breadwinner seamlessly integrated with Salesforce Instance to ensure full compatibility and enable automated creation and processing of invoices for annual registration fees.

Service Cloud for Complaints Management

  • Online registration of complaints managed using Web to Case

  • Case management enables tracking of action regarding complaints

  • Marketing Cloud was implemented to enable management of bulk email campaigns.

The Results

Impact Measurement: Reporting and Dashboards used in management meetings have improved transparency and has enabled the organisation to show the impact and value of their work.

Time saved: By implementing online registration of charities and complaints has demonstrably freed up capacity of staff workload to focus on validating data and responding to complaints instead of spending time on manual and duplicate data entry tasks.

Predicting income – invoicing for fees is easy, meaning income streams are predictable and analytics can improve performance of this income in the future.

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