Volunteer Management and Case Management with the General Public

It has made a big difference to their volunteer managers and volunteer management process and the reception desk team are much happier with an easy way to manage customer enquiries.

The Context

The RSPCA Mid Norfolk & North Suffolk Branch is an independent Branch of the RSPCA. Its mission is to raise awareness, provide practical support and demonstrate compassion in order to deliver excellent animal welfare in the Branch area.

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The Challenge

The organisation had a number of structural obstacles that Economic Change helped identify and address including;

  • Volunteer management across a variety of roles including carrying out home visits, foster animals, speaking at educational events and staffing its network of shops.
  • Integration of existing volunteer sign up forms
  • Ability to track enquiries received by members of the public regarding animal welfare or its various services to pet owners. These calls and emails needed to be logged and their outcomes tracked to ensure animal welfare concerns were addressed in a timely fashion.
  • A secure, regulator-compliant system to manage the process of receiving, holding, and distributing a number of controlled animal medications as needed

The Solution

Economic Change implemented a number of Salesforce to address these challenges: 

  • Implementation of Salesforce Non-Profit Success Pack and Volunteers for Salesforce for Volunteer Management, plus custom Volunteer Onboarding object to manage additional volunteer data
  • Integration with online webforms (Ninja Forms) using Ninja Forms Connector to collect and process Volunteer Applications
  • Implementation of Service Cloud to manage public enquiry management, including email-to-case
  • Development of custom Medications Management App to manage receipt of batches of controlled medications, the secure storage of these substances, the safe distribution these medications to vets and animals in the charity’s care, in addition to accurate reporting to the regulator on the security and legal compliance of these processes.
“This was a completely new project for us, the team were fantastic and made this journey enjoyable and a lot easier to manage. Their communication was excellent and very clear, keeping us informed throughout the process. All questions were answered efficiently and they were quick to help us out when ever we needed.”

The Results

The RSPCA branch of Mid Norfolk and North Suffolk have a team of 200+ volunteers and their new Salesforce system has made a big difference in the management of these volunteers. The RSPCA Mid Norfolk and North Suffolk Branch now have a system which enables them to track and support their volunteers efficiently and gives them that 360 degree view of where each volunteer is in their journey.

The shut down over the pandemic period gave them a chance to consolidate all the changes and they have started moving volunteers onto the new system where they already seeing the benefits of being able to track volunteers at each stage of the process and report on this to the various volunteer managers who they work with.

The reception staff have been very impressed with the case management capacity which has allowed them to record and track the calls that come in and see at a glance the data relating to those. Having clear data to rely on is making the day to day running of the organization easier. The incoming call set up allows them to keep track of and report on the 20+ calls which they receive on a daily basis to make sure the issues are being resolved and can reported on accurately.

The implementation of the customized medication tracker is essential for compliance with national guidelines and locking down changes enables the team to see who has done what and when they have done it. The reporting ability here will set an example for other RSPCA branches with the same requirements.The customized medications management system provides a data trail which enables the organization to comply exactly with the requirements of the national RSPCA

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