Customer Service & Programme Management for Alzheimer’s & Dementia Support Services

Effective data capture and management in Salesforce has enabled them to help support more families, prove their value & impact and empowered them to increase their capacity to deliver

The Context

Alzheimer’s & Dementia Support Services is an independent registered charity, which has developed a wide range of multicultural services to provide practical and emotional support to people with dementia, their carers, supporters and other relatives. Their prime aim is to enable people with dementia to stay in their own home for as long as possible and to support their carer throughout their caring role.

The Challenge

The organisation had a number of structural obstacles that Economic Change helped identify and address including;

  • The length of time to collate customer intelligence and prove impact was too long

  • Little GDPR compliance making them at risk of data breaches and therefore a significant fine

  • Low customer satisfaction

  • Limited team cohesion/collaboration

  • Limited ability to report on service delivery and customer impact, reducing opportunities for grants and funding.

  • Knowledge lost when staff left

  • Staff with limited IT skills and knowledge

  • No clear picture of the family of the person with Alzheimer’s or Dementia who we are supporting

The Solution

Economic Change implemented 2 Solutions in Salesforce to address these challenges: 

Our Programme Management Solution built on the Salesforce Platform for Service Delivery

  • Client Data Capture & Recording: Bespoke Record Types where created to cater for different client/beneficiary types and to store demographic data in one place. User profiles were deployed for individual staff to sharing select records and to restrict access across the organisation to comply with GDPR regulations externally and Data Protection policies internally.
  • Mobile Interface: Distinct page profiles and a custom object app where designed to allow staff to access data using a mobile interface specifically for use when undertaking outreach work and during field visits
  • Control Project Expenditure & Financial Management: Tailored data fields where created to reflect the type of data staff and managers record to track and monitor project related spend and easily document and upload receipts
  • Build Customer Insight & Data Intelligence: ‘Sales’ Processes were implemented to help capture client journey from initial engagement/recruitment through to intervention support and delivery including; create action plans, assessments and track information on client interaction with group based social activities and interventions
  • Tailored & Real Time Performance Management: Reporting and Dashboard Templates to collate, analyse and report on service delivery and programme soft and hard outcomes for external funders based on criteria such as project location, project/service type and service user type were designed to ensure consistency, scalability and standardisation of reporting regardless of funding requirements or criteria.

Service Cloud Implementation for Helpline Service Delivery

  • Enable streamlined and efficient Helpline Service Delivery:  Features such as automated case management were deployed to enable teams to field enquiries generated by email, phone or through the website effectively with minimal effort or error
  • Manage Case Workloads effectively and increase response times: Record, document and communication amongst team members and track progress of the Record Advocacy Service, 24 Hour Helpline (recording and following up with individual calls, enquiry type and action taken) including Case Escalation and Automation Rules to assign and route cases within the organisation allowing helpline staff to resolve cases more quickly.
  • Create Training Materials: Train users and develop user guides and training tools and Introduce users to Trailhead
“Economic Change were so easy to work with, they completely understood our needs and communicated extremely well at every stage of the process. Our usage of Salesforce is completely transforming our efficiency and ability to focus on the individual we are supporting.”

The Results

  • Improved GDPR compliance and strong data management.
  • Increased delivery of services and referrals internally and externally.
  • Improved understanding of customer intelligence and collaborative approach to data management resulting in the prevention of silo-ed working.
  • Improved team satisfaction – team can see their individual contribution.
  • Real-time analytics used in management meetings.
  • Time saved has enabled helping more patients and family members.
  • Increased staff confidence and literacy in new technology, which has allowed dynamic response to patients needs.
  • Progression for patients can now be easily measured and therefore the services can be more individually tailored.
  • Safeguarding, praise and complaints are now efficiently recorded.

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