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Are you looking to improve your fundraising experience with a one stop fundraising management solution? Then read on…Does this sound familiar?

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Fundraising Exchange Features

Check out the range of features available in our fundraising management solution below to meet the needs of fundraising teams and the range of outcomes that our clients shout about.

Integrated Fundraising Database

Benefit from a 360 view of your fundraising efforts to record interactions and outcomes with donors, sponsors, trusts, foundations, members and much more.

Enhance Donor Engagement

Advance your communication efforts to increase conversion and retain donor engagement by increasing transparency and shouting about outcomes and impact.

Internal Departmental Efficiency

Improve business processes between fundraising, finance and comms. Streamline internal processes, maximise income and enhance customer service and engagement.

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Check out what our customers say..

“We’re now more donor-centric than we’ve ever been. Salesforce has provided that 360 view of our donors that we desperately wanted; it’s enabled us to break down the silos between different types of contacts and manage them all with a co-ordinated strategy”
“We were looking for the right system to manage our relationship with donors.We chose Salesforce and could not be more pleased – where we were blind, we can now see! It makes such an incredible difference to our work and our reporting.”
“The implementation of Salesforce has invigorated IYF, we’re now a more open, more connected and more engaged organisation. We are extremely excited by the granularity of data now available to us and the opportunities this brings to our Business Development team.”

Full overview of our fundraising solution

Our Fundraising Management solution brings together all of the benefits of the #1 Salesforce CRM platform and Non Profit Success Pack with additional features that we feel creates a full supporter experience.

Features Included
Lead Management
Contact Management
Household/Account Mgmt
Activity Management
Communication Tools
Major Gift/Donor Pipeline Mgmt
Sales Pipeline Mgmt
Trust /Foundation Pipeline Mgmt
In-Kind Gift Mgmt
Soft-credit Mgmt
Membership/Friends Mgmt
Engagement Levels / Plans
Campaign Management
Reports and Dashboards
Mobile Access
Workflows and Approvals
Duplicate management
Funder Report Tracking
Payment Tracking
Batch Data Entry

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Our Partners

We work with a number of technical partners to bring our fundraising management solution to life.


Salesforce offers a #1 CRM tool with a built in non-profit success pack which has some ready made features to support fundraising management. We build on this using products such as Community Cloud, Service Cloud, Pardot, Einstein Analytics to realise a great Fundraising Solution for clients.

FinDock is a Salesforce native Customer Payment Management platform. It allows organisations to unlock and manage the services of their preferred Banks, Payment Providers and FinTech, directly from the heart of the customer profile. It manages online payments, automated gift aid and bank reconcilation
Form Assembly
Form Assembly offers a integrated online form experience for application forms, due diligence checks, impact reports etc. The forms can be presented by email, presented on web, or embedded within Salesforce communities to intuitively capture or present information given by grantees and connect the dots within the system to give a 360 view.

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