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CRM Launch #2 – How to create a clear business case

You know you need a new CRM – it’ll save hours of admin time, give your team a clearer view of activities and progress, and create a central hub for all those scattered contacts …

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CRM Launch #1 – Agile Project Management

Over the next six weeks we are talking about the six essential elements to launch your CRM project in 2021.  Read our introductory article here  The first element is embracing Agile Project Management. …

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6 essential elements to launch your CRM Project

Over the next 6 weeks we will share insight on 6 essential elements to kick start your Salesforce CRM project successfully. At Economic Change, our purpose is to empower accidental Salesforce admins and CRM managers with …

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Manage your Employability programme using Salesforce

Do you need help to manage your Employability Programme? Using Salesforce to manage Employability Programmes is one of the specialisms of Economic Change. The founder and Managing Director, of Economic Change, Heather Black, …

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Christmas Musings from Economic Change

Wishing all of our prospects, customers and partners a lovely and safe Christmas and New Year with their families and friends. It’s a year to put behind us in many ways, so we …

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Avoid CRM Project Fail – Step 6 – Achieve Purpose with Digital Transformation

This week we are looking at how digital transformation can help you expand the purpose of your non-profit.   It isn’t just about implementing a database or CRM, but it is a revolutionary …

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Avoid CRM Project Fail – Step 5 – Give your a CRM an identity

This week we are looking at the importance of giving your CRM an identity. It’s a key part of any team and should be the life and soul of the party, so let’s …

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Avoid CRM Project Fail – Step 4 – Create Belief in the System

This week we are looking at how to align a CRM system to people’s beliefs and values.   A system needs to add value and users need to believe that it will help …

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Avoid CRM Project Fail – Step 3 – Develop Capabilities

This week we are looking at how to develop people’s capabilities to understand what Salesforce can offer, how to use it and how to manage the system to achieve success.   Follow in …

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