Manage your Employability programme using Salesforce

Do you need help to manage your Employability Programme?

Using Salesforce to manage Employability Programmes is one of the specialisms of Economic Change. The founder and Managing Director, of Economic Change, Heather Black, previously used Salesforce to manage a whole range of government funded employability programmes between 2010 and 2012 helping to manage young people back into work. It was used for Future Jobs Fund, ESF, Working Neighbourhood Fund, LEGI name it!

Since then, it has been one of our staple solutions and we have advanced the solution recently to provide a full service solution.

We understand first hand the type of services the Employability Team provide:

  • Initially there are assessments sessions to understand the current situation of the person and goal setting to help them move foward.
  • There are often introductions made to mentors, training, other partners to upskill beneficiaries and capacity build their knowledge.
  • There is an investment of resource and time spent on CV and Interview preparation
  • There is then the management of job opportunities and candidates submissions, with the tracking of CVs sent, interviews, job outcomes etc.

All of this service ideally needs to be managed in one CRM solution and this is what our Employability Exchange Solution can do for you. We have worked with some of the largest to the smallest Employability Providers in the UK and seen how much Salesforce can improve their ability to achieve outcomes and scale provision. Here are just some of our clients.

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