Fed up with endless spreadsheets?

We’ll implement Salesforce.org  Nonprofit Cloud to empower your organisation to work more efficiently. Here’s how we can support your individual team function (of course, we also work organisation-wide) to deliver particular elements of the Salesforce.org  Nonprofit Cloud to achieve your objectives:

Demystifying Salesforce

We understand the tech marketplace can be confusing. Firstly let us clear up any confusion on the name – Salesforce isn’t a selling tool. It’s a cloud-based CRM system with seemingly endless capabilities for the sector. Salesforce.org believes that technology, when used for good can change to world. And so do we – that’s why Economic Change is a registered Salesforce Consultant and Salesforce Impact Partner.

We want to empower your team to grow and thrive using this technology. As well as implementation, we provide free resources to help you understand the technology, how to tailor your Salesforce CRM, and post-implementation, how to get the best from your CRM investment. We also provide ongoing support, training and recruitment solutions so your journey with us usually starts with implementation, but most of our clients work with us over the long-term, and we pride ourselves on our strong relationships.

We’re constantly learning new technology to bring to our clients, and the team are proudly Salesforce certified, so that you can be assured of our credentials.


Tailoring the Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

Salesforce.org Nonprofit Cloud is the only complete platform for charities and nonprofits. It’s the only platform that gives you a complete view of your mission. It’s the only platform built on a community of over 30,000 trailblazers. It’s the only platform that brings you the power and flexibility of Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM.

Nonprofit Cloud can empower your entire mission, whatever your size. It can track and measure impact in real time, help you raise more with AI-driven insights on donors, and take every single donor, member and stakeholder on their own personal journey.

We’ll work with you to understand your requirements, identify the Salesforce solutions best suited to your needs, and to implement and embed your new CRM. That’s just the beginning of our journey – we’ll also provide ongoing support, training and resources.


Streamline your processes and provide a collaborative experience for your customers and donors. Use Non Profit Success Pack or the Sales Cloud on Salesforce to help you:

• Increase income

• Manage online donations

• Grow and engage your customer base to nurture better relationships

• Understand and maximise your supporter and fundraiser interactions

Now is the time to embrace digital. Integrating your website, social media, email marketing and events directly with your CRM system empowers your team to extend its reach, impact and income. Create automated journeys to nurture collaborative relationships with your stakeholders, focus and test your activity, and deliver live KPI reporting across your campaigns to deliver the best ROI. We implement Pardot and Social Studio Salesforce solutions across:

• Marketing Automation & Engagement

• Email Marketing

• Social Media

Build lasting and meaningful relationships with your members using the flexibility of Salesforce. Members can manage their individual experiences, collaborate with other members, and give feedback. Salesforce can do the leg-work around managing events, automating renewals and segmenting your members. Your team can focus on nurturing these important relationships and providing the best membership experience.

• Manage subscriptions and membership renewals

 Provide a unique and tailored member experience

Build communities to encourage collaboration

Recruit, track, and manage volunteers with Salesforce to scale and engage your volunteer base. Building a complete picture of your volunteers’ impact, tracking their skills, shifts, qualifications and training, scheduling and monitoring volunteering events and recognising their contribution to retain their support over the long-term. Generating powerful reports and analytics real-time to demonstrate the impact and scale of your volunteers.

• Build lasting relationships with your volunteers

• Engage and retain new volunteers to scale your organisation

• Report real-time to funders on demand

We help many grant making foundations improve the efficiency of their grant management process, empowering them to manage fluctuating demand, streamline the application and assessment process and report real-time to Funders. We’ll help you to go digital through: 

• Online Application Forms

• Communities for Grant Assessment 

• E-signature contracts

• Managing payment profiles 

• Online Real-time Reporting and Analytics