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Are you looking to improve your marketing experience with a one stop marketing solution?

Then read on…Does this sound familiar?

Time Consuming Administration

  • Manual setup and sending of emails
  • Migration of emails to e-marketing system
  • Disconnected communication and CRM systems

Poor Consumer Experience 

  • Inconsistent and un-coordinated communication and campaigns
  • No personalisation or targeting of emails
  • No tracking of email or social media correspondence in CRM

Lack of Data Quality

  • Poor statistics on engagement levels on email or social
  • Limited visibility on engagement rates in CRM
  • No clear insight into engagement levels for target marketing

Marketing Solution Features

Check out the range of features available in our marketing solution below to meet the boost your ROI and the range of outcomes that our clients shout about.

Integrated Customer Database

Benefit from a 360 view of your stakeholders and communication activity in your CRM. Bring together emails, social media, SMS and Whats app to get the big picture on comms and levels of engagement.

  • E-marketing Integration
  • Social Studio Integration
  • SMS Integration
  • Whats App Integration
  • Improved visibility
  • Improved transparencey
  • Improved customer service

Stronger Customer Connections

Understand the levels of engagement and areas of interest with your stakeholders through their interaction. Use the data to build target and segmented lists and manage transactional and marketing comms.

  • Engagement Levels
  • Scoring Per Interaction
  • Dynamic Segmentation and Lists
  • Automated Customer Journeys
  • Improved engagement and ROI
  • Improved intelligence
  • Improved efficiency

Internal Departmental Efficiency

Improve business processes between sales, fundraising, programmes, finance and comms to streamline internal operations, communications and customer service. Support compliance and manage engagement.

  • Campaign Management
  • Automated Email Management
  • Email and Comms Tracking
  • GDPR Preference Management
  • Improved efficiency
  • Improved compliance
  • Greater transparency

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Check out our customers say…

“We integrated NPSP with Campaign Monitor to provide a 360 view of interactions with all charity contacts, which removed the need for monthly data uploads. Campaigns was customised to capture details of online event registrations. Using Salesforce reporting and dashboards tt enabled us to have real-time reporting on key performance indicator, response rates and ROI.”

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“Our marketing and sales team are working much more efficiently since we have implemented Pardot and benefited from the intelligence provided by the Pardot scoring system. When looking at our leads in salesforce we can now see which leads are more actively engaged prospects or not from the pardot scores, and we are now able to focus our marketing and sales activities more effectively.”

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Full overview of our Marketing solution

Our Marketing solution brings together all of the benefits of the #1 Salesforce CRM platform with integrations with Salesforce native E-marketing solutions such as Pardot, Social Studio, Marketing Cloud, or third party products such as mailchimp, campaign monitor, Whats app, SMS, Eventbrite etc to enhance your communication platform.


Lead Management
Contact Management
Household/Account Mgmt
Activity Management
Communication Tools
Campaign Management
Opportunity Management
Engagement Levels
Website Tracking
Campaign Management
Reports and Dashboards
Mobile Access
Workflows and Approvals
Duplicate Management
Email Templates
Customer Journeys
A/B Testing
Dynamic Content
Automation Rules
Landing Pages
Online Forms
Integrated Website
Advanced Analytics
Integrated Web Chat
Integrated Event Management
Integrated Online Payments
Integrated Social Media
Intregrated SMS

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Our Partners

We work with a number of technical partners to bring our marketing solutions to life.


Salesforce offers a #1 CRM tool with a built in non-profit success pack which has some ready made features to support membership management. We build on this using products such as Pardot, Social Studio, Marketing Cloud, Einstein Analytics to realise a great Membership Solution for clients.

SMS Magic

Complete business messaging solution supports multichannel messaging and automated & interactive conversations. Natively built with components for Sales & Service Cloud, Console, Lightning, & Salesforce mobile App.
Generate conversations from channels like Facebook and WhatsApp. Invite more conversations from your audience and handle them with automated responses or live reps. Manage conversations across channels from a single inbox.


If your marketing solutions require online payments integrated to boost ROI we work with payment gateway provider Findock which is a native Salesforce product and ISV partner. Their tool supports online payment collection, gift aid and bank reconcilation to support financial process management.

Our Customers
love what we do

Over 600 Projects delivered to over 300 non profits. Economic Change has empowered companies of all sizes with Salesforce.

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“This was a completely new project for us, the team were fantastic and made this journey enjoyable and a lot easier to manage. Their communication was excellent and very clear, keeping us informed throughout the process. All questions were answered efficiently and they were quick to help us out when ever we needed.”

RSPCA Norwich

Salesforce Verified

This review is provided to Salesforce by the customer in a project satisfaction survey.

“Economic Change worked very closely with us,was very approachable and was excellent at explaining things in a way that we could easily understand. Their help was much appreciated by our team and the wider organisation who have been impressed at how we are starting to implement what we have learnt. ”

Plunkett Foundation

Salesforce Verified

This review is provided to Salesforce by the customer in a project satisfaction survey.

“Economic Change really understood how our charity works which proved to be very useful in designing our salesforce org. We have now a very flexible and valuable tool that will help us keep up to date information on our contacts, relationships and activities. This in turn will massively reduce the time collecting our stats for grant funders. Thank you!”

Entelechy Arts

Salesforce Verified

This review is provided to Salesforce by the customer in a project satisfaction survey.

“Economic Change and our assigned consultant really went above and beyond to develop what we needed. During the scoping period, they really worked with us to identify the priorities and find ways to get the most functionality out of our limited budget. Our consultant was very patient and flexible, adapting things as we tested and refined our needs. The Supermum trainee was smart, efficient, and led a great Admin training. Economic Change also provided input on the most appropriate payment processor for us, which was area that we weren't implementing on this project. I have already recommended Economic Change to a friend at another charity and I would gladly do so again.”

The Care Workers Charity

Salesforce Verified

This review is provided to Salesforce by the customer in a project satisfaction survey.

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