Fundraising Management for Health Poverty Action

The Context

We worked in partnership with Health Poverty Action, an International NGO that works across 18 countries to improve health levels and tackle root causes of poverty to implement a fundraising and marketing solution.

The Challenge

Health Poverty Action and Find Your Feet, became linked charities, which required them to bring together their collective donor database.
The strategic partnership was an opportunity to review current systems and streamline processes to incorporate best practice.
Their existing fundraising systems were either too small for the merged organisation or ineffective in providing the desired 360 view of donors and interactions.
Health Poverty Action were spending considerable effort manually loading data onto their system, which combined with ‘clunky processes’ was proving time-consuming and expensive.
They found that due to the inflexibility of systems they were also forced to manipulate large quantities of data outside the system.
They desired a system that would integrate well with eMarketing tools and had the potential for future integrations

The Solution

  • We used NPSP and Opportunity object to bring together all the strands of fundraising / donor management; from individual & corporate donors; to fundraising; and grants / trusts.
  • We integrated NPSP with Campaign Monitor to provide a 360 view of interactions with all charity contacts. As well as removing need for monthly data uploads.
  • Custom fields and reports were created to support Gift Aid declarations and claims.
  • Campaigns was customised to capture details of online event registrations.
  • Salesforce built-in suite of reporting and dashboards enabled real-time reporting on key performance indicator, response rates and ROI.
“We’re now more donor-centric than we’ve ever been. Salesforce has provided that 360 view of our donors that we desperately wanted; it’s enabled us to break down the silos between different types of contacts and manage them all with a co-ordinated strategy”
Sabrina Lloyd
Supporter Engagement Manager

The Results

  • Health Poverty Action observed an immediate reduction in attrition rates by more then 50% since implementation and cite a direct contributory driver to an overall increase in the amount of donations.
  • Prior to introducing Salesforce, Campaigners and Donors were organised and sent communications using two separate systems. Since the advent of Salesforce NPSP they were now able to manage both audiences collectively and segment and tailor communications simultaneously. They saw a direct improvement in the increase of one-off donations by 100%.
  • The Campaign Monitor provided them with the ability to automate the unsubscribe feature resulting in an efficiency saving of a day per month in staff time.
  • They were able to gain a clearer insight and more detailed profile of donors and donor history, allowing them to improve engagement levels.
  • One-off donations improved by more than 100%.
  • Member attrition rates have been halved.
  • Donor income increased despite no new regular donors signed up.
  • For Find Your Feet, one day a month of employee time saved by removing need to manually upload unsubscribe information.

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