Programme Management and Impact for ACH

Effective data capture and management in Salesforce has enabled them to help support more families, prove their value & impact and empowered them to increase their capacity to deliver

The Context

ACH is a leading provider of resettlement services for refugee and newly arrived communities in the UK. They support the settlement and resettlement needs of refugees to develop their independence and equip them with the skills they need to gain sustainable employment.Their ultimate goal is one of integration as well as promoting the positive contribution that refugees can have on our local communities.

The Challenge

ACH had no central repository of data, instead having to cope with disparate sources of information held in files, spread sheets and e-mails across 3 regional offices. They had experienced an exhaustive and inefficient effort to collate and calculate basic Management Information such as taking 3 months to calculate the number of beneficiaries they worked with since 2008. Poor Data Management lead to difficulties with identifying progression or challenges relating to performance management and business development opportunities. They were also unable to provide information for internal teams to translate the impact of their interventions and programmes on clients and beneficiaries. Moreover, staff were not able to work collaboratively and foster productive team working to improve services.

The Solution

Economic Change were able to successfully introduce:

  • Sales Cloud and NPSP Salesforce Instances to improve tracking and collaboration on funding applications and business development opportunities
  • Customise NPSP and implementation of our Programme Management Solution to create a complete beneficiary management system to record beneficary information and tenancy, training and support interventions.
  • Adopt Salesforce 1 mobile access and deploy across Property Management teams, particularly for maintenance staff to identify, track and resolve issues on the ground.
  • Centralise tenant management records across ACH’s three regions.
  • Tailor built-in suite of reporting and dashboards to enable real-time reporting on key outputs and outcomes.
  • Empower Staff, funders and trustees to understand the impact they’re making, helping new arrivals on their path to independence through real time shared reports and dashboards
“Economic Change assigned a highly-qualified Project Manager who had experience working on similar projects. They carried out a thorough analysis of our working processes and our client journeys. The result of that has been the creation of a number of dedicated applications in our Salesforce Instance that has increased our efficiency, particularly in client and housing management services. It was very reassuring to work with Economic Change on this project, it allowed us to create tangible outputs within the scope of the grant we received to carry out this work.”
Osman Ishal
Regional Manager

The Results

  • ACH teams are able to create a rigorous management system that allows them to track key performance indicators and monitor the progress of tenants & learners through their courses and programmes of support
  • Gain huge leaps in efficiency with data accessed immediately and in real-time, rather than taking 3 months to collate; report accurate data on key outputs and outcomes, such as the number of tenants currently in housing, number of learners on courses, number of people on waiting lists, number of hours of 1:1 support worker appointments, number of successful move-ons, number of family reunions and number of tenants entering full-time work.
  • Document and record interventions across the beneficiary journer from initial expression of interest to support activities and gather personalised client information and records
  • ACH now possess one of the richest databases on refugee integration in the UK and within 2 years it will be the most extensive in Europe – resulting in aiding partnerships with Universities of Oxford, Bristol and Birmingham and helping the development of local & national policy.

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