Programme & Membership Management For Viewpoint

The Context

A service user involvement charity in Hertfordshire which works with people to ensure that their views and experiences of people with mental health or drug and alcohol problems form part of the design, delivery and monitoring of services. They support members to act as representatives, deliver training and support their self development by creating opportunities to improve their confidence, resilience and progress where they want to.

The Challenge

As with many smaller charities, their ability to record and monitor outcomes was not as robust as they desired. Their recording methods were varied and collating data would often be time consuming. They were unable to perform dynamic monitoring on performance, meaning that there was a time lag before areas for improvement were identified. As our significant proportion of services were contract based, they struggled to respond quickly to changes in monitoring requirements which required a sophisticated data management system.

The Solution

  • Development of our Programme Management Solution with custom objects enabled them to capture their service delivery efforts and associated impact.
  • Using NPSP for membership management with validation rules and record types, Viewpoint can now ensure that all data is captured in a regular, consistent way.
  • Security and sharing rules ensure that the right people have access to the right information to collaborate and support clients.
  • Roll out of Saleforce mobile functionality ensures that staff have access to a client’s complete history, wherever and whenever they interact with them.
  • Pre-configured reports and dashboards set up to ease the burden of reporting from frontline staff.
  • Salesforce’s flexible suite of reporting used to tailor specific impact reporting to the requirements of individual contracts and funders.
  • Integration with mailchimp support their e-marketing functionality and membership engagement.

The Results

  • Improved service delivery; with all client interaction properly and consistently recorded, they can better represent their views and experiences to end service providers.
  • With all client data and history available instantly, frontline staff have been able to increase the richness and value of their dialogues with clients.
  • Improved credibility with end service providers since they understand that Viewpoint has a robust information system in place.
  • Viewpoint have realized significant time efficiencies through automated and dynamic reporting, which has enabled front line staff to dedicated more time to supporting clients.
  • Improved relationship with funders based on ability to provide on-time and accurate reporting against contractual KPIs. Funder confidence in Viewpoint’s impact is now based on robust, factual reporting.

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