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We empower nonprofits with great strategy, clear goals and powerful technology.

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Why Economic Change?

Our passion, expertise and dedicated approach is widely acclaimed by our clients. We help maximise the economic and social benefits of your Salesforce system including marketing automation. Since 2012, we have enabled our socially-driven clients to increase efficiency, sustainability and to maximise impact.
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What our Salesforce Marketing includes

Marketing automation will help your organisation with lead management, lead generation, email marketing and reporting. Employing our core values of passion, integrity, excellence and the importance of collaboration, our goal is to leverage your organisation’s individual requirements to maximise impact. We want to understand the unique nature of your business and create a development program which will benefit your clients.

Marketing automation & engagement

We can help implement a marketing solution to assist your team with data capture and dynamic content. This will better enable you to reach potential clients more quickly and more personally, while tracking the capability and performance of your communications.

Create automated journeys

We facilitate cohesive marketing journeys to create a clear picture which will enhance growth potential. Recording touchpoints along this funnel will build improved understanding and experience.

Integration into marketing platforms

Our program will help erase silo mentality and improve efficiency and collaboration within the work environment.

Non profit Success Pack

Our NPSP platform has been specifically designed with nonprofits in mind and will enable you to create a deeper engagement with your donors. It includes in-built donor management functions to reinforce your marketing efforts.

How our Salesforce marketing services work

As a non-profit social enterprise, Economic Change has an unparalleled perspective in helping organisations establish more relevant connections, fuel growth through smarter marketing practice and ultimately to increase revenue generation.

Marketing Strategy

We turn your vision into a robust marketing plan and streamline processes. This all starts with a clear strategy, our team of experienced and certified professionals provide a hands on approach where we analyse your marketing activity, understand the current approach, elicit your long term goals and objectives and create a marketing strategy which maps this out in alignment with your key performance indicators.


Customer Journeys

We help your team to appraise and map out your customers journeys using new technology to keep it streamlined and lean.Creating documented customer journeys empowers your teams to use the CRM and Marketing Solution in a consistent way, providing effective data and stakeholder intelligence to ensure your organisation gains the maximum benefit from its investment.


Implementation of Marketing Solution

We can help you integrate a range of marketing solutions into salesforce whether it's mailchimp, campaign monitor, pardot and marketing cloud working with our team of salesforce professionals. 


User Testing 

Once the system has been customised, our consultant will run through the system with you to enable you to learn how it works, test it and request any further changes that can be accommodated. User testing is combined with management training to maximise use of time on this programme. Following the completion of changes a final run-through of the solution will be presented to the client either onsite or virtually dependent on time and budget left. 


Training & Facilitation

We deliver training and facilitation on Salesforce Administration and Marketing Solutions to help you maximise the benefits of your investment. Our training is tailored to you and are delivered by our Salesforce certified team.

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Book a Digital Strategy Consultation

Book a FREE consultation with a member of our team. As part of the consultation, we will review your business priorities, technical requirements and product options to help you develop your digital strategy.

Our Salesforce Marketing Packages

We offer several options as part of our marketing automation solutions, each individually designed to match your requirements. These range from a Pardot Quick Start package through to our fully comprehensive version, which includes fully-tailored support.
Marketing Package Options
Pardot implementation
Integration of marketing platforms
Automation rules
Email templates and landing page set-up
Online user training
Post-implementation support
B2B marketing analytics integration Impact Partner

Our Customers love what we do

Over 600 Projects delivered to over 300 non profits. Economic Change has empowered companies of all sizes with Salesforce.

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Book a Digital Strategy Consultation

Book a FREE consultation with a member of our team. As part of the consultation, we will review your business priorities, technical requirements and product options to help you develop and reinforce your digital strategy.

Our certified Salesforce Partner services

Salesforce Marketing Solutions

Marketing automation platforms are essential for targeted communication. Our certified Salesforce Partners advise on the implementation and integration of your marketing automation objectives for greater efficiency.

Salesforce Support Contracts

To guarantee best practice, we offer an annual support contract giving you access to our team of Salesforce experts. This provides ongoing platform support and clear guidance on identifying opportunities for improvement.

Salesforce Training Courses

A comprehensive six-month training programme will be individually tailored to all team members administering your organisation’s Salesforce CRM. Our Salesforce experts apply a structured approach for improved user efficiency.

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