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To facilitate your transition to Salesforce, we provide a full consultancy service, comprehensive training and ongoing support.

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Our certified Salesforce Partner services

Salesforce Consultancy

In collaboration with your organisation, our Salesforce experts will analyse your business strategies and processes to create a fully-customised Salesforce CRM. Identifying your needs, we aim to achieve measurable outcomes.

Deliverables include:

Salesforce Training

A comprehensive six-month training programme will be individually tailored to all team members administering your organisation’s Salesforce CRM. Our Salesforce experts apply a structured approach for improved user efficiency.

Deliverables include:

Salesforce Support Contracts

To guarantee best practice, we offer an annual support contract giving you access to our team of Salesforce experts. This provides ongoing platform support and clear guidance on identifying opportunities for improvement.

Deliverables include:

Salesforce Marketing Solutions

Marketing automation platforms are essential for targeted communication. Our certified Salesforce Partners advise on the implementation and integration of your marketing automation objectives for greater business efficiency.

Deliverables include:

New to Salesforce?

Book a FREE consultation with a member of our team. We will guide you through the different elements of Salesforce and demonstrate how it can empower your organisation.

Already using Salesforce?

Our health check looks at critical aspects of your Salesforce system to ensure it is up-to date and optimises how you use Salesforce technology to achieve greater results.

Why Economic Change?

Our passion, expertise and dedicated approach is widely acclaimed by our clients. We help maximise the economic and social benefits of your Salesforce system including marketing automation. Since 2012, we have enabled our socially-driven clients to increase efficiency, sustainability and to maximise impact.
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Our Customers love what we do

Over 600 Projects delivered to over 300 non profits. Economic Change has empowered companies of all sizes with Salesforce.

Book a Digital Strategy Consultation

Book a FREE consultation with a member of our team. As part of the consultation, we will review your business priorities, technical requirements and product options to help you develop and reinforce your digital strategy.

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