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Our Business Analysis team will undertake a detailed review of your Salesforce operations and identify effective solutions to increase economic efficiency and measurable progress in your organisation.

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Who benefits from a Salesforce health check?

As your organisation evolves, your Salesforce system needs to keep pace with new business practices for the best return on your CRM investment. Salesforce releases changes and enhancements three times a year providing greater opportunity for your business to profit from these updates. Since your original Salesforce implementation, an overhaul will ensure your organisation is benefitting from new and updated features. Additional considerations might include:

  • Do you have greater security requirements?
  • Is your system aligned with new business initiatives and future direction?¬†
  • How to prevent user error for improved operating efficiency?
  • Is new data being fully and correctly integrated into your CRM?
  • Are you leveraging the system’s capabilities for better automation?
  • Does your system produce accurate reporting for insights into key metrics?

Factors limiting optimal Salesforce success:

Team Adoption

Without full team adherence to Salesforce, optimal system performance is hard to  achieve. Positive user experience plays a vital part in using your CRM to its best advantage.

Motivational Factors

To identify growth opportunities and the ability to scale requires full confidence in what is achievable with your CRM system. A health check provides certainty to drive your future success.

Security Concerns

In line with your organisation’s security policy, technical risks can be determined and managed to ensure all system vulnerabilities are kept to a minimum and your data remains secure.

Inaccurate Reporting

A principal function of your CRM is precise data reporting. Anomalies mean key performance metrics cannot be correctly analysed. A system health check will identify potential issues.

Data Quality

High-quality data demands clear processes and regular monitoring. A system audit will guarantee that data integrity is maintained and reinforces Salesforce technical capabilities.

Missing Functionality

Regular Salesforce software updates are designed to enhance your business functionality. To profit successfully from your CRM investment, access to all new features is essential.

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How does our free Salesforce health check work?

An introductory telephone call will help us determine your organisation’s need for our Salesforce health check. We will discuss your current usage and requirements to better understand how we can help you improve your CRM system.

Our initial assessment will be transferred to our fully-trained Supermum volunteers who will complete your free health check. Recently qualified in Salesforce administration, our team gains valuable work experience by using their skills to support and advise charities on a pro bono basis.

Our free health check includes a review on data integrity, governance and exploring particular pain points within your organisation’s system. For a more in-depth study, our consultants will initiate a complete business analysis and a deeper technical audit (for an additional fee).

Why Economic Change?

Our passion, expertise and dedicated approach is widely acclaimed by our clients. We help maximise the economic and social benefits of your Salesforce system including marketing automation. Since 2012, we have enabled our socially-driven clients to increase efficiency, sustainability and to maximise impact.






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Pro bono hours

Benefits to you:

Business Review

We will review your organisation, the drivers and motivational factors for CRM implementation and conduct a full product and feature appraisal.

Virtual Training

We provide virtual training workshops covering Salesforce set-up, data management and analytics, system security, and custom design and automation.

Detailed Recommendations Report

To help increase your business capability, our detailed reports cover product and user adoption, system and governance, and data management.

Organisation Adoption

To encourage your team to commit to using Salesforce as an essential business-critical tool, we facilitate implementation across your organisation as a whole.

Included in our Salesforce CRM health check:

A 16-hr desk-based system review

User adoption appraisal
Installation of user adoption dashboard
Product and feature appraisal
Governance and management review
Salesforce management appraisal & optimizer report
Security health check report
NPSP health check report
Error handling
Assessing how organisation uses data
Assessing data quality activities
Install data quality app from app exchange
In-depth business analysis (additional cost)
Deep technical audit (additional cost)

“Economic Change were so easy to work with, they completely understood our needs and communicated extremely well at every stage of the process. Our usage of Salesforce is completely transforming our effieciency and ability to focus on the individual we are supporting.”

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