Implementing Pardot for Marketing and Sales Automation

The Context

Supermums provides training, work experience and employability support to mums returning back to work. They support mums globally to retrain in Salesforce technology through training and work experience. On completion they are then are provided with employment readiness support and job matching to help them access suitable employment opportunities within the salesforce-ecosystem.

The Challenge

  • We had many hits on our website and people downloading our information booklet but we had no clear way to understand the level of interest, participation in the marketing activity and improve the sales process beyond that point.
  • We had no clear way to qualify leads or clear way to gauge the level of interest of leads.
  • There was no clear way to track ongoing interest and engagement levels of prospect trainees and alumni
  • It was unclear which marketing efforts were contributing to the conversion of prospects and MailChimp didn’t give us this 360 information within salesforce that we benefit from within Pardot.

The Solution

  • Pardot was implemented on top of our sales cloud functionality to aid marketing and sales efforts to increase the level of understanding around the interest of leads.
  • With Pardot we were able to create a scoring criteria based on if they downloaded an information pack, attended a webinar, booked a phone call, revisited the website or read the newsletter.
  • Based on the scoring criteria we were able to rate the leads more accurately in salesforce for targeted phone calls.
  • With Pardot we were able to send targeted emails with specific actions to leads that were ranked warm and hot.
  • With Pardot we are able to see which prospects, trainees and alumni are engaged in with the brand over a longer term
  • We are able to see which marketing activities prospects are participating in to support their conversion to a qualified lead, for example our webinars, newsletter etc.
“Our marketing and sales team are working much more efficiently since we have implemented Pardot and benefited from the intelligence provided by the Pardot scoring system. When looking at our leads in salesforce we can now see which leads are more actively engaged prospects or not from the pardot scores, and we are now able to focus our marketing and sales activities more effectively.”

The Results

  • The marketing team are able to focus their efforts on engaging customers in different marketing activities so they can provide relevant information and move them through the sales funnel from downloading a information pack, to attending a webinar, visiting the website, reading the newsletter, to arranging a call with the sales team. All of these interactions adds to the Pardot score.
  • The sales team are more efficient as they focus on calling or speaking to prospects that are further through the sales funnel and more interested/engaged as they have a higher Pardot score against their contact rather than calling all prospects who have downloaded a leaflet.
  • Since using Pardot and better focusing of our marketing activities we have doubled the number of trainees on our course and booked up all of the places on the course 2 weeks before it started, in contrast to filling the course up post start date.
  • We are achieving good newsletter engagement with an open rate of 41.5% and click through rate of 11% (an increase of 13.5% and 5% respectively).

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