Avoid CRM Project Fail – Step 4 – Create Belief in the System

This week we are looking at how to align a CRM system to people’s beliefs and values.


A system needs to add value and users need to believe that it will help them perform better in their job role.

Through understanding behaviours, communication, and individuals better we can maximise user adoption for our salesforce projects.

At Economic Change we use coaching tools and techniques with organisations throughout the salesforce consultancy process.

Using the NLP Tool of Logical Levels shown above, we can think about 6 ways to appraise and sense check whether your Salesforce Implementation Project is going to sink or swim.

During this process we look at Environment, Behaviour, Capabilities, Values and Beliefs, Identify and Purpose.

The Logical Levels Model is a great exercise to assess the reality of any situation be it an individual, organisation or project, from 6 different perspectives to identify where problems might lie. Let us look at how the model can help you assess why a CRM solution did not get adopted or to flag where risks might lie at during your new implementation project.

Over the next 6 weeks we will work through the Logical Levels from the ground up and you can consider some of the following areas.

Previously we looked at:

Step 4 – Values and Beliefs


A project will fail if it a CRM does not add value to a person’s roles, but equally if users do not understand the value and believe in the importance of the CRM for their company.

It’s not just about training them on how to use the system, but the WHY to use a system. Invest time in making sure you align the CRM to create value and check whether the users understand the value of the CRM…here are some things do.

  • Is there a clear vision and business case for the CRM within the organisation? What does success look like? Is this communicated and clear for everyone?
  • Are the senior executives supportive and bought into this vision and intent on getting all users to use it?
  • Is there a change management plan in place to communicate these changes effectively?
  • Has in-depth business analysis been undertaken with different teams to identify their pain points, requirements and measures of success – have you identified the added value?
  • Are there clear benefits and measures of success for teams and individuals who are intended to use the system?
  • Is everyone bought into the vision or are there any resisters who could inject poison ivy into the project?

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