Power to Change works with a wide range of partners to provide investment, advice and support to help local people come together and take control.  It uses an endowment of £150 million, provided by the Big Lottery Fund in 2015 with one ambition – better places through community business.

The Main Challenges

  • Power to Change work with a large number of partners, all using different systems and processes, so integration with partner workflows and systems was key!
  • They also had limited visibility of core information on their complex network of businesses, so Salesforce needed to become a central hub for all the key information about the businesses they worked with.
  • On the process side of things, a big concern was the high level of administration required, including manual data entry and reporting – so automating and simplifying these processes was a priority to free up the team for other responsibilities.
  • Financial and Grant Management information was not integrated with the CRM
  • It was also necessary to find ways of linking financial and grant management information in to the CRM.
  • Prior to the project, Power to Change had a partial implementation of Salesforce – which meant there was limited adoption by the team and a need to enthuse users.

Our Solution

  • Power to Change worked with a member of our Supermums Programme, who offered support and training on their Salesforce Implementation.
  • To help enthuse and educate teams on the new system, we rolled out Lightning Experience for Salesforce, supported by Salesforce Champions.
  • We built automated processes, inclunding mass uploading of data on a regular timetable, which helped avoid a lot of the administrative challenges they were experiencing.
  • We set up live dashboards to keep track of KPIs for the teams, and streamlined reporting to Executive Team and Board Members.
  • We helped to align the CRM and financial systems to allow for simpler reforecasting and grant management
  • We supported the development of better internal system management with mentoring, training and Support for in-house Salesforce Champions

How We Helped: What the Client Says

“At Power to Change the programmes team was spread across three offices (Bristol, Sheffield and London) and we were working with five partner organisations so good data management was essential.  We were responsible for making investments of around £12 million  per year into community businesses, and had supported 500 organisations.

“The Salesforce implementation enabled us to have a single overview of the full range of grants we had made and how we were working with community businesses across the country.  It tied together the details needed for our finance team with information on social impact and contextual information on the places our funds were reaching.

“Economic Change worked with us to map out our business needs, redesign and develop the system so that it underpinned the core work of the team.  The new approach gave us access to the analytics we needed on our key grantmaking data.  That enabled us to play that back into funding panels and committees so that we could make better-informed decisions about our programmes.  Tools like dashboards and custom reports helped me and my team become much more conscious of the data that mattered to us week-to-week and quickly adapt our plans  as we saw the demand for funding shift.

“The main benefit of working with Economic Change was shifting my perspective to think more broadly about business needs and how Salesforce could support those.  They also guided us through the thinking of what processes and structures needed to be in place to enable that.”

David Chater, Power to Change

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