Organisation Goals

Today’s digital connected economy expects creative, adaptive thinkers who can problem-solve our 21st-century challenges. This creates a revolutionary change within the education system. Graydin partners with schools to make this change a reality.

What support Economic Change provided:

We have worked with Graydin on reviewing a tender to the London School of Excellence Fund which they successfully went on to win. We have also helped them to establish a Salesforce CRM system to manage their contacts, client intervention and impact.

The Experience & Outcome

“Heather is a delight to work with. We hired her services to support our company’s application for a large government contract. She has in depth knowledge of government funding streams and contracts and her advice has been invaluable to us. In addition, she works to a very tight deadline which we greatly appreciated. We highly recommend her and will use her again in the future.” – Mckenzie Cerri, Co-founder, Graydin