The Context

Viewpoint is a service user involvement charity in Hertfordshire which works with people to ensure that their views and experiences of people with mental health or drug and alcohol problems form part of the design, delivery and monitoring of services. They support members to act as representatives, deliver training and support their self development by creating opportunities to improve their confidence, resilience and progress where they want to.

The Challenge

As with many smaller charities, thier ability to record and monitor outcomes was not as robust as they desired. Their recording methods were varied and collating data would often be time consuming. They were unable to perform dynamic monitoring on performance, meaning that there was a time lag before areas for improvement were identified. As our significant proportion of services were contract based, they struggled to respond quickly to changes in monitoring requirements which required a sophisticated data management system.

The Solution

Economic Change were able to:

  • diagnose and assess their internal processes to identify the business requirements and ensure a data management solution was fit for purpose including recommending an outcome and impact measurement framework
  • Provide tailored and bespoke design and build through setting up and facilitating working groups including regular meetings and updates to ensure staff were engaged and empowered to take on the adminstrative functions of Salesforce early on the design process
  • work to ensure that staff were trained and equipped with the neccessary skills to perform additional changes and adjustments in the long term – future proofing the system to meet the evolving needs of the organisation and maximising user adoption

The Results

  • a data platform which complements the relationships, partnerships and networks the organisation has developed and provides an instant history & holistic profile on individuals at the point of a button.
  • tangible improvement in the organisational ability to dynamically report on activities and workloads – which in turn frees up staff to focus on the frontline aspect of their work.
  • Members are able to gain full value out of the experiences they have shared through the availability and accessibility of comprehensive data intelligance and analysis by users


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Viewpoint benefited from our Free Salesforce Support for Small Charities offer and our Charity Salesforce Admin Training Course., Find out more about here