Grace Eyre

The Context

The Grace Eyre Foundation work towards being led by people with learning disabilities and through that aim to deliver high quality housing, support and activities in their local communities. They operate two social enterprise services– a theatre and social housing in addition to holding public sector contracts for supporting the welfare of disabled adults across Sussex.

The Challenge

Experiencing continued growth over the last few years, the foundation found itself expanding it’s income stream sources, however with spending cuts and increased competition, they also faced the pressures of cutting costs and were looking to streamline and improve their processes and systems to manage internal operations accordingly.

The Solution

Economic Change provided

  • a combination of coaching and training with the Grace Eyre Foundation management team to develop an organisation-wide social impact strategy & change management strategy in response to the operating environment
  • streamlined their management processes, and developed a bespoke Salesforce specification for implementing a new CRM system

“Grace Eyre Foundation have had the expert advice and guidance from the Economic Change team whilst developing our business strategies, organisational processes, CRM and our impact reporting. I have found their professionalism and skills invaluable in guiding us through the process. I don’t think we could have done it without them.”

Eva Jarvis, CEO, Grace Eyre


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