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Programme, fundraising, and volunteer Management for Culture Shift

The Context

Culture Shift is a Community Interest Company where creativity is a catalyst for change. They provide services to different organisations and beneficiary groups to empower them with creative activities through Partnership Programmes, Professional Development and Training, Facilitation, Evaluation & Research and Project Management.

The Challenge

  • provide a solution to centralise their data collection & analysis.
  • implement a new system for programme management, fundraising, and volunteer management to centralise data for comprehensive & 360 degree analytics, improve reporting and be GDPR compliant.

The Solution

Economic Change was able to successfully:

  • Conslidate several data sets and sources, undertake data cleaning and remove duplicate records and import into one tailored Salesforce Instance
  • Set up customised record types, workflows and process builder for different funding streams/projects
  • Customise the reporting functionality to suit to develop a series of reporting template

“As a tiny non-profit with very limited time and resources to commit to our Salesforce implementation, Economic Change’s Supermums programme was perfect for us. Our Supermum, Erica, had already received comprehensive Saleforce training, so she already knew a great deal about the system and how to adapt it for our needs, and had the back up of more experienced staff at Economic Change when needed. Erica was conscientious about completing the build and tenacious when it came to problem solving and trained me to take over as Admin once the project was finished. I would highly recommend this programme to non-profits looking to implement Salesforce on a budget”

Becky Smith, Associate Director

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