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Implementing a Help Desk for the Patients Association

The Context

The Patients Association is an independent patient charity campaigning for improvements in health and social care for patients.​
They were using the Salesforce Service Cloud with out of the box configuration to manage their helpline. They saw a strategic opportunity to implement the system across the organisation with the help of Economic Change.​

The Challenge

  • The existing Salesforce setup wasn’t meeting the needs of the organisation, leading to a strategic decision to make better use of the system.​
  • Staff turnover had created organisational memory loss so a system was needed to help develop this and increase efficiency and accuracy of data.​
  • Data for fundraising, membership and projects was in multiple spreadsheets making reporting complex and time consuming.

The Solution

Implement Non Profit Support Package​

  • Create one place to hold contact information​
  • Manage fundraising, donations, project work and memberships​

Customise Service Cloud​

  • Implement email to case​.
  • Deploy Web to Case, and Assignment Queues to efficiently turnaround cases and action them to a high standard with the helpline staff members expertise and nurture relationship management.
  • Create custom objects to support helpline staff in resolving cases​

Create Training Materials​

  • Train users and develop user guides and training tools​
  • Introduce users to Trailhead

“Martin at Economic Change taught us to fish so we could become self-sustaining. I fell in love with Salesforce and was fascinated. I found Trailhead and armed with the knowledge I gained I’ve been able to continue to grow the system, implementing web-to-case, live chat, queues, email to case, and more”

Abduallah Mahmood, Salesforce Administrator

The Results

  • Usage increased from just four helpline users to over 10, and now all, staff.​
  • Simplified reporting – no more pivot tables in spreadsheets, now clear and up to date Dashboards​.
  • Mobile access to facts and figures when in meetings​.
  • GDPR compliance attained​.
  • Recent Health check run and meeting industry standards for security​.
  • The Patients Association now have an internal System Admin who is continuing to develop the system to meet the needs of the organisation

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