Linking Local Sight Loss Charities

Visionary are a membership organisation who bring together local sight-loss charities to create a network of organisations working together so that people living with sight loss can access the services and opportunities they need.

Click here to watch our webinar with Alexa and Russell about how they implemented Salesforce for Visionary, and tips on how you can do the same for your organisation >>

The Challenge

Visionary were expanding quickly, and needed a CRM to help manage their growing number of members, rather than their current system of spreadsheets, word documents and paper files. They also had a number of new staff, so increasing visibility of their goals and progress was essential.

As Visionary’s mission is to support those with sight loss, and many of their staff also make use of assistive technology, compatibility with this was a key requirement in choosing a system.

Salesforce are dedicated to making their platform accessible to everyone, so the system is suitable for use with screen readers, magnification, and other assistive technologies.

These accessibility features, combined with the Salesforce “Power of Us” programme, which offers 10 free licences for smaller charities, and the ability to constantly develop their Salesforce system as they continue to grow as an organisation, made Salesforce the perfect fit.

The Solution and Results

We used Salesforce’s non-profit cloud to manage the entire lifecycle of their membership organisations, from application onwards, automating data collection processes and holding all the information centrally for simpler navigation.

Not only has this massively reduced administrative time for the Visionary team, it has also created a much more professional and efficient experience for their members, with automated membership renewal forms and integrated communications.

Salesforce’s built in suite of dashboards and reports has given their staff a 360 degree, real-time view of membership and the expanded organisation.

Implementing Salesforce has even given Visionary the ability to help advise their membership organisations on system implementations too, passing on the benefits of Saleforce!

Watch our webinar below with Alexa and Russell about how they implemented Salesforce for Visionary, and tips on how you can do the same for your organisation!

Alexa Sage, Development & Innovation Manager for Visionary, rated Economic Change 10 out of 10 on our Customer Satisfaction Survey:

“Economic Change have done a world of good for our organisation through their Salesforce support and I have absolute confidence in their CRM and impact measurement expertise. They have changed the way we work to help our team embed more efficient processes, save on admin time, and create a better experience for our members.

They play a very valuable role in strengthening the third sector in my opinion.

For us, accessibility for people with sight loss and the assistive technology they use was really important. Our partner understood these needs and already had a good level of awareness. They also put us in touch with Salesforce directly when they were not able to answer questions themselves.”

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