Plunkett Foundation

Economic Change providing a hands-on business analysis and training day to undertake a health check and advise on the best way to design the system to meet their requirements for grant management and service deliver.

“Salesforce CRM has revolutionised the way Plunkett supports the communities we work with. It has enabled us to manage the whole process, from allocating consultancy support to awarding bursaries to start-up community co-operatives, more effectively and efficiently and has meant we can support even more community co-operatives to begin trading. Using a third party online form app has meant we now have a closer relationship with communities in determining their impact on the communities they serve. The expertise of Economic Change and their understanding of what Plunkett wants to achieve means we have not only been able to implement a system that fits our needs and greatly improves Plunkett, but we also now have the confidence and ideas to develop our Salesforce CRM further.”