The Childhood Trust

Organisation Goals

The Childhood Trust is a charity founded with a simple vision: to support vulnerable children living in poverty in London.

They are a fund-raising and grant-making organisation, focussed on supporting grassroots and community-led organisations that deal with the consequences that children face, when living in poverty in London.

They believe every London child deserves the possibility of a happy, safe childhood and so we fund the very best initiatives and projects, run by charities and grassroots organisations – both large and small – that deliver vital support to the communities they serve.

What support Economic Change provided:

Economic Change provided impact measurement and Salesforce implementation support to manage grants and impact of funds awarded, with support from Big Assist Fund.

The Experience & Outcome

“Economic Change have provided a very good service in designing and building a salesforce crm system for our charity which will enable us to manage, monitor, report on impact and grow. Very pleased with how the project has progressed.” Lisa Gaglinia, CEO, Childhood Trust