Client Case Study: The Good Neighbours Project

EC Salesforce Charity Discount Package & The Good Neighbours Network Project 


How the Project Worked

The Good Neighbours Network joined our charity discount scheme, where our Senior Consultants are supported by a trainee Supermum offering 6 free days of Salesforce admin support to complete a project. This meant a significant cost-saving on implementation for the Project, and also work experience of live Salesforce projects for the Supermum.  

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About the Organisation  

Good Neighbours Network groups are all about people offering a helping hand to others in their local community. Each group is different, but will often include transport assistance, social activities and a befriending scheme. Popular with volunteers for its flexibility and popular with people because they can rely on a trustworthy and friendly face. Good Neighbours groups have been around for at least 40 years. Groups were formed in the 1970s with the advent of care in the community and as institutions closed. The church has been involved since the beginning with groups being formed in conjunction with local churches, concerned to support those with no one able to help. 

There were 6 groups in 1976, and they have grown into a network of over 120 groups across the whole of Hampshire. 

GNN is funded jointly by Hampshire County Council and the NHS.

The Salesforce Project  

The project involved the set up and customisation of a CRM database so that an umbrella organisation might better manage its correspondence and relationships with around 120 member organisations.  

The project involved CRM customisation, data import, Eventbrite and Mail Chimp Integrations.  

What the Client Said  

“We appreciated the time spent understanding our organisation and business model, the care taken to get the details right, and the wisdom that came with your experience about how best to implement what we thought we needed (and to challenge that and offer alternatives). 

Working with Economic Change has been a very positive experience for us. We needed an organisation that would take the time to understand our organisation and needs before designing a bespoke solution for our needs. They listened well, and did a great job. We did our homework first and are pleased with the result Economic Change have produced. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others. (And already have.)  “

The Outcome 

“It’s now easier for us to capture information and make it available to all staff. We have the potential to gather data from our diverse client groups far more easily and simply saving huge amounts of time.” Nick Ralph, Council for Social Responsibility (CSR) in Portsmouth 

To find out more about our Charity Discount Scheme click here

Our next discounted projects start from mid October to January 2018 and we run 4 schemes a year.  



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