See for yourself why 26,000 non-profits choose the world’s #1 CRM System to manage their data. 

If you are considering implementing a CRM system for your organisation, you’ll want to investigate the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack as one of your options. As the worlds’ #1 CRM system, offers free user licences to not-for-profits, and brings a whole host of flexibility to help further your cause. 

Salesforce Trailheads help navigate the detail of Salesforce, and its Non-profit Success Pack Trailhead (or NPSP) outlines the many reasons to use Salesforce. We’ve included a snippet below to give you a glimpse of how it works: 


This is a hugely flexible CRM system. The out-of-the-box functionality that the NPSP provides gives a great base from which to build your CRM, but what appeals most to our clients is that they can customise the system to their exact specification – using their own terminology, capturing the unique information they need for monitoring and reporting purposes, automating processes and managing multiple functions e.g. service delivery, marketing, volunteers, fundraising and HR all under one roof to give one complete view of the organisation and its stakeholders. You also have the option of integrating with a huge host of apps on the Salesforce App Exchange, to achieve 100% connectivity, functionality and centralisation of your data management.   

One complete viewpoint 

Salesforce allows you to bring constituent and program data together in one place, so you can get a complete view of your impact. Once you’ve learned how to adapt Salesforce’s standard and custom features, you’ll be able to work more efficiently as an organisation, engage smarter, and prove your impact. 

The foundation of the NPSP is the fundraising architecture, with out-of-the box data collection and reports to help manage your fundraising activity. On top of this foundation architecture, customers collect their own information, tailor the terminology, integrate online payment and e-marketing apps, allocate funding to projects, automate engagement plans, import their legacy data amongst other things. To find out more about the foundation architecture for fundraising check out the Trailhead here>>. 

Tailored for your Organisation 

Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack

At some point, though, the similarities between non-profits end and Salesforce as a solution offers ultimate flexibility. Nonprofit users invariably customise standard Salesforce functionality, depending on time, resources, and what they need. Customisation is possible because Salesforce isn’t just a set of standard features. It’s also a platform that lets you add on functionality, tailored for your unique business processes.  

Our Trusted Expertise 

Here at EC, we are Salesforce Approved Consulting Partners, and have a host of sector specialists on hand to help implement and tailor your Salesforce CRM system. We’ve had over 12 years’ experience in the sector, and have become a trusted sector consultant. We’ve worked with a whole host of non-for-profits, and you can take a look at some of our client case studies here>>.

We understand that the successful adoption of your CRM is largely dependent on having a trusted expert to listen to your requirements, and create a solution that is tailored to meet the unique needs of your organisation – to capture the right data, speak your language, align with your processes, provide the right information and reports you need, and feel user friendly and intuitive to use. You’ll also need someone to guide and train your team in how to integrate CRM into their daily tasks, and to maximise the impact of your CRM system. At Economic Change, we analyse client needs, design unique CRM systems, and empower our clients to use Salesforce every day.  

If you are interested in a free Salesforce demo and consultation about how we can tailor Salesforce to your needs, then reach out to

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