Contact Management in a CRM – Setting the Rules  

A CRM is only as good as the data that is put into it, so how do you co-ordinate management of stakeholder information to comply with data protection guidelines and also improve intelligence and management of stakeholder relationships? At Economic Change we have been running this workshop theme almost on a daily basis with our clients, to help them produce an internal communications strategy.  

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 The first step is to discuss and decide on some business rules about the use of a CRM, so your staff are clear on who, why, what, how and when to do things. Check out some of the rules below that you should include in your communication strategy: 

The Importance of Rules  

Firstly, explain the importance and relevance of GDPR and Customer Intelligence, and what it means to your organisation.  

Explain who your Stakeholders are:  

  • Explain if a Contact can have multiple interactions/roles with the organisation  
  • Describe how a contact can progress through stages and increase their level of engagement  
  • Describe categorisation or segmentation managed in Salesforce 

Talk about the type of information you collect about them and why?  

  • Compulsory data to collect  
  • Core data to collect 
  • Segmentation Type 
  • Tracking Engagement Levels  
  • Information for Intelligence  

Contacts and Organisations  

  • Explain how and when to create new Organisations and Contacts  
  • Explain when Orgs and Contact information should be updated and by who 
  • Explain how to manage contacts with multiple roles or changing roles  
  • Explain how to manage duplicates  

Communication Messages 

Talk about the ways you might communicate with your contacts, and how frequently, and how contacts can opt in to these messages. E.g. Mass Email, SMS, Social Media.  

Communication Preferences of Organisations and Contacts  

Explain how to manage a contact’s preferences:  

  • Method of communication  
  • Type of communication  
  • Opt-in for specific communications messages  

Logging Correspondence to Contacts  

Explain when to log correspondence with contacts e.g. when to log an email, a call a meeting, and what level of detail to include.  

Need support to improve your contact management or use of  CRM?

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Join our Free Webinar – 28th September : How to Improve Communications Management with your CRM.





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