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As part of our series of articles for Volunteers Week, we wanted to share some volunteering insights we’ve gained from working with national volunteering organisations over the last few years. We all understand the importance of volunteers – according to NCVO, they made up 1.2% of UK GDP in 2015, contributing an incredible 22.6bn to the economy. A staggering and valuable workforce.

But, how can you harness the power of your volunteers, build longer-term relationships with them, and ultimately turn them into advocates for your organisation (and be able to demonstrate their impact across your cause)? Unsurprisingly, we see Salesforce as a solution for good volunteer management practices. Here’s why:

Create a personalised volunteering experience

With marketing automation, it’s possible to track all interactions with your volunteers, build a picture of how and when they interact with you, and build a personalised volunteering journey for them. Reengage any lapsed and disengaged volunteers, and showcase the efforts of your most prolific volunteering superstars. Shout about their successes at every opportunity and give them the recognition they deserve.

Make their job as easy as possible

Do away with downloadable word documents and introduce digital forms which integrate directly with your CRM. Are your volunteers capturing data from your beneficiaries? Give them a tablet, and let them input this information instantly.

Improve two-way communication

Provide online forms or a secure area within your CRM for volunteers to login and update their details, availability or submit issues, questions or concerns directly, and automatically find and notify the right people to respond.

Peer support and recognition

Create an online community where your volunteers can connect and support each other via group forums, online support and training, and be recognised for their skills and contribution using reward badges.

Want to find out more? Contact us to arrange a free consultation, or have a look at our free Volunteering resources:
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