Client Case Study: Shaw Trust

We catch up with Sally Goodger, Volunteer Manager for Shaw Trust to talk about their Salesforce journey, and share her tips for a successful Salesforce implementation.

“At Shaw Trust we believe that everyone has the right to inclusion and independence. We support our clients to turn this right into a reality through our work and disability programmes. We seek to educate and influence society to remove barriers and create opportunities for those at disadvantage. We also help to build supportive communities for a more inclusive society.”

What were the issues you were facing before Salesforce?

 Prior to engaging with Salesforce, we had three major challenges:
  • Data being recorded via spreadsheets – this led to inefficient working practices, frequent corruption of data due to overloading the software and very limited and/or time consuming reporting.
  • A lack of engagement opportunities between volunteers – our volunteers often offer their time with us in relative isolation from others doing a similar role. They provide client-facing support, but frequently come in at different times to other volunteers or do this via outreach. We wanted an online space that would enable them to connect with each other.
  • Data security – this was limited again by the platforms we used; we wanted a secure platform to hold all our volunteer data but also one that had the flexibility to be used by multiple staff across the organisation and Lead Volunteers.

 Why Salesforce?

Put simply, it met the criteria above. We also liked the fact it is a popular platform used across multiple sectors, as this means staff who become familiar with using it in our organisation are also boosting their CVs. The online Trailhead training provided by Salesforce is also a huge bonus – it allows staff to learn at their own pace, but also keep developing.

How has Economic Change helped you through the process?

Economic Change has been hugely helpful in the process. We couldn’t have done what we have without them. They helped us convert all our ideas from a wish list to a working system that encompasses everything we required. Their working style has suited us as well – stepping in to help us develop and evolve the system when we needed them to. The other hurdle we have as an organisation is maximum data security measures to meet. Because of the work we do, all our data practices have to be super-tight. Economic Change helped us negotiate this with Salesforce and also make sure we are (and remain) compliant.

What are the business benefits you have experienced since using Salesforce?

 After introducing Salesforce, we were able to increase our volunteer base by 31% over a period of a year. The investment in the system provided enough confidence to manage the increase in volunteers with our existing team.
In the next 12 months, we are looking to grow our volunteer numbers again and we can do that with confidence now we know we have a safe and efficient system to manage that growth. The final benefit is being able to nimbly report on the impact of our volunteers, which again we are launching in this final phase. The system will allow us to start some proper impact measurement of the success of each meeting our volunteers have with our clients, something we only dreamed of back in 2015 when we scoped our ideas!

What would be your top tip for other charities implementing Salesforce?

Make sure you have a project manager overseeing the implementation and also someone in your team who is prepared to become your Salesforce guru by completing the Trail Blazer modules. It’ll be a great CV booster for them too!

Want to find out more about managing your volunteers with Salesforce? Watch our Free Webinar with Shaw Trust>>

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