Salesforce Volunteers empower our Supermums

We are delighted to have the support of the Salesforce Ohana – Salesforce professionals and employees who are empowering and mentoring our Supermums. 

Our Salesforce Supermums programme inspires and supports mums to retrain in Salesforce and access flexible well-paid career opportunities.

Cyrill is a Principal Customer Success Manager at Salesforce

He has been volunteering for the Salesforce Supermums Programme since it started. He delivers a webinar where he shares insight about the Developer capabilities of the Salesforce platform so they understand what’s possible beyond Salesforce admin capabilities.

Cyrill talks about why he got involved…

Shortly after I joined Salesforce I was looking for various ways to get involved especially around the topics of equality. As a father of a 9 year old girl I realized at one point how different many things are for her and that I simply want to do everything I can to make the world for her a better place. Through that engagement I participated in a few events and met women from many different walks of live. It made me realize how difficult it really was for many to find ways back into a workforce or find the time to learn new skills. The challenges faced to a large part probably due to our still archaic expectations in society towards woman just makes it still harder than it would be for men I believe.
How does he like to empower the mums.

I would say if I manage to convey that it’s never too late nor too difficult to learn most things with just a little bit of dedication and help from others. I hope that people leave with some extra tools to make them more successful and excited to be part of our Salesforce family.

What does he love about mentoring!

Very few things are easier than sharing the knowledge one has with others, doesn’t matter if it’s at work,  with customers or the charities I have the pleasure to work with, I always try to empower others to do amazing things. Also of course knowledge sharing is more often if not always a 2-way street, there is something new to learn from every person you meet, so in many ways I benefit just as much if not more.


The Supermums programme trains mums as Salesforce Administrators, with training, mentoring, real work experience and job placement support. To date we have delivered 7 courses with 48 mums and provided 1500 pro-bono hours to 37 non-profits. Find out more about the programme here on our new website here

In the future, we plan to build a portfolio of courses to cover admin as well as skills related to Salesforce Development (Platform 1), Pardot, Social Studio, Sage Business and Financial Force. We are keen to find volunteers who can assist on these upcoming programmes too.

Get Involved as a Volunteer

We are currently recruiting new people as volunteers to join the programme as mentors and trainers.

We are looking for experienced Salesforce administrators and trainers with at least 2 years of practical experience to provide mentoring and/or training.

Click here to find out more about the Volunteering Opportunity and Register to apply

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