Achieve Data Intelligence with Salesforce Reporting

Our Data Intelligence Webinars attracted a big audience last month when our clients shared how they were using Salesforce to demonstrate and evaluate their performance.

  • So how well does your charity use Salesforce for performance management?
  • Does your charity need help to sort out your data and analytics?
  • Do you want one to one training to upskill in reports and dashboards?

We have just the handy man for you!….

We would like to introduce you to Graham Hopgood. A new member of our team and an enthusiast in Data Analytics, Salesforce Reports & Einstein Analytics. 

Graham has worked for non-profits for 13 years in various data manager, technical and programme management roles for international to local charities. He has been a salesforce administrator since 2013 and is now a Technical Consultant for Economic Change. 

Book in a 4hr or 8hr Training Session with Graham to get skilled up on Salesforce Reporting and Dashboards to make sense of your data and give you the visibility your need. 

CONTACT US to book in your training today!

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