5 Business Benefits to Implementing a CRM System

Investing in a CRM requires a good business case. So how do you justify the investment and measure the return for your digital project?

It takes time, effort and money by all involved to change the way your organisation work so let’s explore the benefits that should be measured and realised to demonstrate the return on investment.

1 – Improved Customer Service

A CRM should help you to improve your customer service by streamlining customer journeys and giving your team a 360 view of customer interactions. That’s why customer feedback, customer referral rate, and customer satisfaction rates are great measures of success for a CRM project. 

Customer feedback can also help you see what’s working and what’s not to inform new service development.

Before you start, take down your baseline stats in these areas, and keep tracking them after a month, 6 months, a year, and watch your numbers rise! 

2 – Improved Stakeholder Engagement

Start by categorising and identifying stakeholder interests and the ways they are associated with your organisation. 

You can improve the way you communicate with them intelligently or nurture these relationships to increase engagement through integrated CRM and e-marketing tools.

Marketers want to see an improved engagement and retention rate and return on investment with marketing campaigns to increase sales and conversion. 

3 – Improved Efficiency

How much admin does you job entail? Using Salesforce can really change your life for the better – sounds dramatic but automating some of your tasks can seriously reduce admin and free up your time for more important aspects of your role. 

4 – Improved Business Intelligence

What are you learning from the data you capture? How is it informing your knowledge about your organisation’s success and decisions about the way you work? 

With evaluation of data we can celebrate success and identify why people like to engage with your brand, or improve or introduce new ideas to meet customer needs. 

5 – Improved Financial Sustainability

One of the things that our clients always love about Salesforce is the visibility of their income pipeline which gives them improved assurance and management . The other benefit of managing customer data is through improved marketing to new and existing customers to increase upselling, retention and referral to increase tour sales.

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