3 Stories of How Tech Can Transform Volunteering for Organisations

It’s Volunteers Week! This is the week when we celebrate to contribution volunteers make to our society. So here are a few of our clients and partners who have been doing amazing things with volunteering!

Dot Dot Dot Property Guardians

Dot Dot Dot is a pioneering and award-winning social enterprise. On behalf of owners, they take good care of buildings that would otherwise be empty, bringing in guardians who contribute to the local community by volunteering. 

Before implementing Salesforce, Dot Dot Dot were a small team running a number of properties within a bike ride of their office in Tower Hamlets; they now have a network of over 1000 guardians, and properties across the UK. Adding new guardians, properties, and employees is a simple few clicks. Their amazing #volunteers have now completed 100 years of volunteering since 2011! 

Read their story: https://www.economicchange.co.uk/featured_item/dot-dot-dot/

The Shaw Trust

The Shaw Trust run work and disability programmes to help make inclusion and independence a reality for people with disabilities. They seek to educate and influence society to remove barriers and create opportunities, building supportive communities for a more inclusive society.

After introducing Salesforce, they increased their volunteer base by 31% in just one year, and are on a trajectory to continue to grow going forward. The system gave them the confidence to manage their volunteers with ease and continue to offer their valuable services to the community.

Read more about their story: https://www.economicchange.co.uk/featured_item/shaw-trust/

Salesforce Supermums

Salesforce Supermums empowers mums (and dads!) back in to work in the Salesforce ecosystem. Volunteers are at the heart of the organisation – they share their time and vast expertise as mentors, trainers and curriculum developers to support Supermums trainees through the training programme from start to finish. The overwhelming feedback from Supermums graduates is that they would not be able to achieve the success that they have without the guidance and support of their mentors. The trainers are delivering weekly live webinars to share their knowledge with the various cohorts. Curriculum developers are helping to build out the content for new courses – currently for a developer course and soon to start on a Pardot/Marketing Solutions course.  This wouldn’t be possible without Salesforce to coordinate everything!

“We use Salesforce to organise our entire programme from start to finish, and specifically Volunteers for Salesforce (V4S) for our volunteer management. We are able to have them submit an application form, book a call, complete the onboarding process and choose their roles all in the same place. Our community is a great place to collaborate and create just that – a true community feel. They can log their time and choose which courses to deliver. Salesforce makes volunteer management easy.

“One of my favourite parts of managing the volunteer programme with Supermums has been seeing the long-lasting relationships that have been formed. We truly do appreciate everything that our volunteers give to Supermums!”  

Vicki Moritz-Henry, Head of Training, Salesforce Supermums

Find out more about Supermums at supermums.org

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