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Volunteer Management for The Shaw Trust

The Context

They believe that everyone has the right to inclusion and independence. Supporting clients to turn this right into a reality through their work and disability programmes. Their mission is to deliver services for people at disadvantage so they can gain life and employability skills in order to live more independently, secure sustainable employment and actively contribute to family and community life.

The Challenge

Data was historically recorded and analysed using a multitude of spreadsheets – this led to inefficient working practices, frequent corruption of data due to over loading the software and very limited and/or time consuming reporting
A lack of engagement opportunities between volunteers – often individuals would offer their time in relative isolation from others doing a similar role. They provide client-facing support, but frequently come in at different times to other volunteers or do this via outreach. They wanted an online space that would enable them to connect with each other
Data security – this was limited again by the platforms used; they wanted a secure platform to hold all volunteer data but also one that had the flexibility to be used by multiple staff across the organisation and Lead Volunteers.

The Results

After introducing Salesforce;

  • They were able to increase their volunteer base by 31% over a period of 12 months.
  • The investment in the system provided enough confidence to manage the increase in volunteers within the existing team.
  • They were able to nimbly report on the impact of our volunteers and allow robust impact measurement of our client interventions

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